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No video = regrets?

Akirah, on July 16, 2019 at 9:38 PM Posted in Planning 0 30
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My parents agreed to pay for half of our wedding video. FH are paying for most of our wedding expenses otherwise, on top of buying a house and paying for our dog’s chemo treatments. All of these bills have me going back and forth about the video and whether we should use our money for other things. As we all know, being an adult is expensive!

I keep hearing that not getting a wedding video is a big regret for a lot of folks. Is this true? I’d love to hear some thoughts.


  • Sandy Yoga
    Dedicated January 2007
    Sandy Yoga ·
    Never had one. Don’t regret not having it.
  • Erinn
    Dedicated January 2020
    Erinn ·

    So I really wanted a video; however, after seeing all the costs and the fact that we want to be able to buy a home, I decided that the video wasn't as important as having amazing pictures was, so I decided to stick with the great photographer and I don't think I will regret it, I haven't yet ..

  • Kelly
    Champion October 2018
    Kelly Online ·
    We didn’t have a videographer and don’t have regrets.
  • Melle
    Rockstar June 2019
    Melle ·
    I had one because I wanted like a highlight video. But I've had friends who did it and never really watched theirs aha
  • Angerra
    VIP August 2019
    Angerra ·
    We're looking into one. My fiance suggested to get the raw footage package so we can have hours of footage instead of paying thousands for a 4-8 minute video and possibly having certain moments missed. We can always get it edited at a later time.
  • Beginner December 2019
    We are not having a video I would rather put the expense in other things. Like we got a photo booth instead.
  • B
    Devoted July 2017
    Becky ·

    We didn't have a video, no regrets at all

  • Lauren
    VIP February 2020
    Lauren ·

    I know I'd regret not getting one if I wasn't getting one! That's the one thing everyone's told me I had to get, and I agreed.

  • Chloe
    Devoted October 2020
    Chloe ·
    I know that personally i’d regret not having one! We found ours for a steal and I couldn’t be happier
  • B
    Super July 2018
    Brittany ·

    I didn't have a videographer and I have NO regrets I probably would have been much more shy about dancing if I knew I was being videotaped and I wouldn't have had as much fun. Plus its SO much money for something we'd barely watch.

  • Kim
    Super September 2019
    Kim ·

    I know if I don't get one, I will regret it. We got one but kept the budget as low as I could for that. You can also try asking a friend or family member to video parts of the wedding. It does not have to be great quality, but you still have a record of the wedding.

  • Ashley
    Dedicated June 2019
    Ashley ·

    As a videographer myself, my husband and I considered videography just as important as photography for our wedding day.

    Video captures the movement of the day, as well as all of the moments that will begin to fade in your memory as time goes on.

    Photos are amazing and so precious. But why not have even MORE ways to remember such a perfect day?

  • Tara
    Dedicated August 2020
    Tara ·

    We're in the same boat too. The more we think about it, the more we are thinking about not having one. If anything we would like just the ceremony recorded, so we are checking with him (photographer and videographer would be the same person) to see if we could do just that for a much cheaper price.

  • Hannah
    Dedicated September 2019
    Hannah ·
    We decided against it. We couldn’t justify the cost because how often would we really watch it? It’s something fun to share right after the wedding, but I think our photos are gonna be enough! Especially since we are doing traditional vows and not writing our own! Easy to remember! It’s ultimately your preference though!
  • Gen
    Master June 2019
    Gen ·
    It depends. Some people have said they didn’t get them and never regretted it, or did get one and never watched it. Personally, we almost didn’t have a videographer (due to budget) but last minute decided we would regret it if we didn’t. But I’m the type of person who watches home videos all the time. You really have to base your decision off of knowing yourself... are you generally the type to watch home videos? If so, you’d probably regret not having a wedding video. Never watch home videos? Then you probably will never watch your wedding video either.
  • Nikita
    VIP April 2019
    Nikita ·

    I have no regrets going without a wedding video. I would never watch it. I suggest investing the money you could into a videographer into a stellar photographer. Mine was amazing and really captured our personalities.

  • Melissa
    Rockstar September 2019
    Melissa ·
    We aren’t having one as we both saw it as a waste. We didn’t want to spend all that money for a video we may watch once a year, if that. I also hate the way I look and sound on camera, so that’s another factor.
  • K
    Expert February 2020
    Kristina ·

    The cost for us seemed like to much, so we just have a photographer. I don't see us sitting down and watching it all the time, so it seemed like a waste to us and the money could be used for other things we really wanted.

  • Nemo
    VIP August 2018
    Nemo ·

    We regret not having video of our ceremony (we have audio) or video of the speeches. I don't regret not having the video of anything else.

  • Chris
    Dedicated May 2018
    Chris ·

    We were struggling with the same question... Our photographer told us that he could have a co-worker come to shoot video for the evening, but the cost was way too much for us. So he asked us what we actually wanted videotaped, and we weren't sure. He suggested that we set up a static camera to film the ceremony. It wouldn't require labor costs and would be a basic way to capture the ceremony. He said we could even have a friend set one up, but we decided to ask him to do it since he knows a bit more about what he's doing. We also wanted some of the reception recorded in order to capture some of the craziness at the party. Because it was not in our budget to hire a videographer, I went onto ebay and purchased a cheap video camera lot and ended up getting 4 used video cameras for $30 (plus the cost of SD cards and cords). Our nieces wanted to be in our wedding but we didn't have a place for them, so we asked each of them if they would be willing to use the video camera at times throughout the night to capture some of the event. They were thrilled to be included and are soooo excited to do it! They, of course, all also free. They are teenagers and are no means professional videographers so I'm sure lots of the video will be of the floor and walls but hey, maybe they'll capture some great moments that we were too busy to see at the event. And they will have fun and feel included. As a thank you, we will be letting each niece have the camera they used- after they give us the footage they took. We certainly don't need 4 video cameras ourselves. We thought this could be a fun, albeit risky, and cheap solution to the problem of not having a videographer. Here's a tip though; if you decide to buy a "video camera lot" on ebay, make sure that the description says that the cameras work. Many on there are for parts only and you don't want to waste your money on anything that doesn't work.

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