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Name Change/legal Copies of Marriage License

Angela, on July 1, 2019 at 11:08 AM Posted in Married Life 0 5
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We received our official marriage license in the mail recently (yay!) but I only have one copy. Is that good enough to take along to get my name changed, or do I need additional official copies? I wasn鈥檛 sure they just look at the official copy and give it back, or if it鈥檚 something they keep? It鈥檚 $15 for each additional copy so everyone keeps one on file that could get pretty pricey. 馃槵 TIA!


  • F
    Devoted June 2019
    I brought an extra copy just so we could have a spare. They should just look at it and hand it back.
  • Ginsteeca
    Expert June 2019

    I've only needed the one copy. I showed it to Social Security and DMV and they both just handed it right back. It was pretty easy.

  • Danielle
    Expert March 2019

    We have 2 copies, one that we put in the lockbox at home, and one that I've used going around to places to change my name. Also, to change your name on your passport, you have to send a copy of the marriage certificate with the renewal paperwork...they send it back, but that copy was gone with my passport for about 6 weeks.

  • Courtney
    Rockstar December 2019

    It depends on your state/county, but extra copies still wont hurt. My local DMV wants certified copies issued by the courts to retain for their records. And I've heard different things about our local SS office, so I may just bring one anyways.

    But things like your mortgage and credit cards are probably fine with a scanned copy.

  • Angela
    Expert June 2019
    Thank you all!

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