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My Junior Bridesmaid doesn't like dresses

Christine, on April 8, 2019 at 12:27 PM Posted in Wedding Attire 0 6

My stepdaughters-to-be are going to be the junior bridesmaids in our upcoming wedding. They are the sweetest girls. The eldest (who will be 11 when we get married) is a girly girl who loves wearing dresses and jewelry and flowers and makeup. The younger (who will be 10 when we get married) does not love dresses or frilly things. At first, I asked her if she'd like to wear a white t-shirt and tutu skirt combo and she seemed ok with that. The more I think about it, I'm not sure if that will be ideal for her. Did anyone have a "tomboy" junior bridesmaid or even a junior groomsman? Any leads on good attire? I was even thinking a cute floral romper or a pair of loose shorts and a tee shirt. We are getting married on the beach, so comfort and cool fabrics are ideal. Also, they are both nearly out of girls sizes and will likely be in juniors sizes when we get married next June. Thanks for your help!!! Pictures are a plus!


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  • Victoria
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    My FSIL isn’t girly either. One of her main concerns when I asked her to be a BM was she didn’t want to wear a dress. So we got her a jumpsuit! They have tons of cute sophisticated ones on amazon.
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  • Formerbride
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    Formerbride ·
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    I was going to say jumpsuit or romper. At her age it would be easy to find a skort also!
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  • Danielle
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    Can you have the 11 year old wear a dress, and the 10 year old wear short in the same color with a nice white blouse? That way they can be cohesive, but still rock their own styles.

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  • SraDeCarrillo
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    One more vote for jumpsuits. I’m not having a bridal party but I do have little sisters who are the same ages as your girls and you described them perfectly. One sister is eager to dress up for the wedding the other said she wont come if she has to wear a dress or dress shoes lol. So my mom showed her jumpsuits and convinced her that she can still run and play with the boys while wearing it.

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  • Christine
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    Christine ·
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    Yes, I love this idea. I am trying to figure out how best to coordinate them. I love the romper idea as well.

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  • M
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    Meg ·
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    I took my future stepdaughter shopping for her flower girl dress so she could pick one she liked. She can be very girly but also has a tomboy side. She couldn’t decide between a pretty dress and an absurd romper so I suggested she wear the romper for the rehearsal and the dress for the wedding itself.

    I think 10 is old enough that you can pick out a few options and ask her which she would like best. I know letting my stepdaughter pick out her own outfit was a little risky but I want everyone at my wedding to be able to feel comfortable and be themselves.
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