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Morning ceremony and reception

Sereena, on January 12, 2019 at 10:21 PM Posted in Wedding Reception 0 6
What are some pros and cons with getting married and having your reception in the morning and earlier in the day? Our venue offered us a 15% discount on food if we did an 11:30 ceremony and a 12-5 reception, so we decided to do that.. now I feel like it may be too early..


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    I think it will be fine, You and your wedding party will just have to get started early..
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  • Tina
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    My brother did that. They had a morning wedding and then a luncheon. He did not have dancing, just the meal. It was lovely but the only thing I clearly remember is that he paid for an open bar in advance and my then husband was the only person to order a drink as it was too early for most. If you are planning on having a dj and dancing Im not sure how well that will work at that time. If you are having a nice meal and say....lawn games then perfect! But obviously you know your guests bet and what will work for you.

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  • Bre
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    I too am getting married in the am, but I am doing all the traditional stuff (first dance toast...etc) My day do what I want! We're having breakfast and serving mimosas.
    I say do whatever feels right to you!
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  • Jeanelle
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    That was our plan and we brought it on ourselves. It was a Sunday 11:30 boozy brunch wedding dance party.
    Like another said the biggest con is getting ready super early.
    We only had one bridesmaid and one groomsman. And we decided on all our photos to be done before 11am including first look and family portraits. This meant my moh and I woke up at 4:45 and by 5 hair and makeup arrived. My moh only had her hair done. My mom had her makeup done. I had both hair and makeup.
    Also I wanted details of getting ready to be captured. Which required my photographer to get to me at 7am. She shot a wedding the night before that ended at 10. This is a second con. She and a second shooter shot until 5:30. Our wedding was wrapped at 630. She was a trooper but it must have been a lot. So make sure your photographer doesn't have a wedding the day before or definitely let them know completely. Ours knew of our ambitious time and still took a wedding the day before ours.
    We didn't take sunset pics but we got them during our engagement session.

    We had our welcome lunch the day before at around the same time, 12-4 so everyone could get on the same schedule of eating and schmoozing.
    Limited waiting time for guests which was optimal. We had food and drinks available upon arrival. Ceremony was 2 hours in.
    Everyone got lit and at 2 on the dance floor was packed and didn't let up until the last song.
    Another pro- day drinking means less likely to be hungover. And your guests can go to work the next day. Most of ours did and it was a grand time. We were in bed by 9pm.

    So yes there are a few cons but mostly pros. Just sleep early the night before and let your guests know. We did ours this way on purpose and wouldn't change it for the world.
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  • S
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    If you have a lot of older wedding guests, they are more likely to stay through a wedding reception in the morning than in the evening.
    Your bar tab will probably be considerably less than in the evening.

    This could be a pro or a con: you may have to be open to having children at your wedding as babysitters are harder to come by in the morning.
    Pro: everyone loves breakfast/brunch food.
    Con: you will have go get up early and there might be a scramble to get everything together.
    Pro: your wedding venue might let you decorate your reception area the night before.

    Pro: you will have some time at the end of the day to spend with your new partner that doesn't involve collapsing comatose in your honeymoon suite.

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  • MrsD
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    Pros (I think), you save money & aren't up as late. Cons are you have to get up way earlier to get ready & it isn't really a party atmosphere.

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