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Losing my last 20 pounds before my wedding

Tiffany, on January 7, 2018 at 8:29 PM Posted in Fitness and Health 0 12
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Hey ladies what do you recommend to lose that last 20 pounds. I get married April 28th and I have hit a standstill with my weight loss. Any suggestions would be great!


  • A
    Just Said Yes January 2019
    Ambar ·
    Have you cut out all processed foods? Keto worked really well for me but was super hard. I would suggest cutting out all processed food and pump up your workouts, make sure you’re eating enough. A lot of people make the mistake of eating less and that slows down their metabolism. Meal prep and do 6 very small meals a day with a good intense workout. Good luck!!
  • Kelsey
    Savvy December 2018
    Kelsey ·
    I would look into doing a Whole 30, weight loss isn’t the goal of the program but many people see dramatic weight loss when cutting our sugar/dairy/grains/etc.
  • Tiffany
    Devoted April 2018
    Tiffany ·
    Ambar I'm going to start the keys tomorrow. A trainer from my gym suggested I take this route. Thanks
  • Tiffany
    Devoted April 2018
    Tiffany ·
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    I will look into this thank you for the help!
  • Lacy
    Super December 2018
    Lacy ·
    Typically diet and exercise do the trick, so if you've been seeing results with that, keep at it. You can talk to your trainer about kicking up your workout a bit. Just make sure you don't lose too much and your dress ends up too big! That happened to my sister lol.
  • JuneBride2018
    Dedicated June 2018
    JuneBride2018 ·
    Weight Watchers works in my experience.
  • Meaghan
    Dedicated September 2018
    Meaghan ·
    I’m on weight watchers and it’s been good so far! I’ve lost about 20 pounds in 3 months
  • GoodPrincessButtercup
    Devoted May 2018
    GoodPrincessButtercup ·
    What works for me is cutting out bread, rice, pasta, high carb vegetables like potatoes and carrots. Eat lean protein baked or grilled and limit fats and sugars, including alcohol. Drink tons of water.
  • B
    Dedicated October 2018
    Brittany ·
    Intermittent me it works to get rid of those last few pounds! Eat stop eat is the easiest version imo. Google it
  • Alexa
    Beginner August 2019
    Alexa ·
    One super easy trick that I discovered has been helpful for me has been putting flavorless, soluble fiber in my water or whatever else I’m drinking. It’s totally tasteless and it helps me feel fuller longer. Best of luck to ya
  • Kelli
    Expert August 2018
    Kelli ·
    If you've hit a plateau you just need to change things up to start losing again. What I do when I hit one is start eating nothing but fresh fruit, veggies, chicken, fish and eggs for at least a week. I start by saying 2-3 days and work up to at least a week because if I start saying a longer time frame then I'll quit at some point. This usually jump starts my weight loss again then I can gradually add some other things and increase workouts/try new workouts to keep it going. When I was able to do it for 2 weeks straight I lost 17lbs. Unfortunately I got extremely sick after that and was hospitalized so I've gained 5lbs back but plan to start eating better leading up to surgies I have to have and while I heal afterwards since it will be at least a month before I can start with some light exercise again.
  • Lauren
    Dedicated June 2019
    Lauren ·

    It sounds like you might have just hit a plateau with your workout routine. This usually means it's time to tweak the things you've been doing, but it doesn't have to be drastic! Just change it up from the usual, clean up your diet the last couple months, and I think those last 20 pounds will come off like nothing! Also, keep talking to the trainers at your gym because they'll be the most help (hopefully).

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