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Las Vegas honeymoon ideas?

Jocelyn, on September 6, 2016 at 2:56 PM Posted in Honeymoon 0 18
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Back in March I purchased our honeymoon for Las Vegas! The trip is paid off, was just wondering if there where any cheap things to do down there since the wedding took most of our money lol!


  • MrsMcCoy
    VIP April 2016
    MrsMcCoy ·

    Eh, Vegas is mostly casinos. If you are renting a car, I would recommend exploring outside of Vegas - day trip to the Grand Canyon (its a lot of driving, but worth it. Absolutely gorgeous views on the way as well! I did it 2 years ago), or the Hoover Dam, etc.

    But I did not like Vegas, so my advice to explore outside the city is biased.

    ETA: Also biased because I was there on a work trip and stuck there for 10 days, which is waaaaay too long to be there.

  • tinkerpsu
    VIP November 2016
    tinkerpsu ·

    Download the myvegas app. It is a game and you can win stuff. We got free tickets to LOVE when we went! You can get free/discounted meals, hotels, shows, etc.

    Have fun! Oh and eat at Hash House A Go Go for brunch, yum!

  • Tiffany
    Super August 2016
    Tiffany ·

    There is a lot to do in Vegas that is cheap or free. I would recommend using lyft or uber for rides. We got $50 off of lyft rides (10 rides-$5 off each) from someone handing out business cards on the strip.

    There is light shows and street performers in the Freemont district (old Vegas) that are pretty awesome.

  • SarahL2T
    VIP April 2017
    SarahL2T ·

    Yes! MyVegas is fun, addictive, and the rewards are legit (FH and I have gotten buy 1 get 1 for Cirque shows, 2 free tickets to Tournament of Kings, discounts on food, etc.). Where are you staying and when are you going? We are SoCal-ers so we are in Vegas frequently (might be there next weekend!). The biggest thing we do to save money is buy the all-day buffet access. I think it's like $45 per person at the Luxor (where we typically stay) but you get access to their buffet and the one at Excalibur (which does all day crepes made to order yummm) all day--as many times as you want! One trip we went 6 times--including once just for dessert!

    Other inexpensive things are to get into bars BEFORE the cover charge starts, play penny slots and get free drinks, and buy one refillable cup at the pool and share. There is also just a bunch of 100% free entertainment in Las Vegas--take a walk down to Bellagio for the water show or Treasure Island for the pirate show, find a bar with live music (we love listening to the Irish bands at Ri Ra or Nine Fine Irishmen), or get a great spot at the pool before the DJ starts. People watching in Vegas is SO much fun.

  • Jocelyn
    Devoted September 2016
    Jocelyn ·

    We are staying at the Stratosphere hotel. We are hoping to catch some good shows also, and I went to go on the rides that are on top of our hotel! I am getting so excited

  • M
    Dedicated September 2016
    m ·

    We just went for Black Hat.. meh- not really my idea of relaxing or cheap. It was pretty expensive and the ubers to get place cost us a lot too. I would recommend going to the grand canyon, helicopter ride, Hoover dam.

  • Michelle W.
    Expert November 2016
    Michelle W. ·

    Get my vegas. We saved so much money by redeem our loyalty. Buy one get one free show ticktes, free roller coaster rides, drink or food comps. And much more. You can use 3 each.

  • Mrs.Whooooo
    Master May 2017
    Mrs.Whooooo ·

    Look into getting monorail passes (also available on my Vegas!), Strasophere is FAR from the other hotels. FH and I walked from midstrip (the Flamingo) last time we went and it was sooooo far! we ended up taking a cab back. The monorail pass can be purchased for multiple days has access as long as its open from one end of the strip to across from Stratosphere.

  • Kathleen Smith
    October 2019
    Kathleen Smith ·

    I don't remember how much I spent for the ticket but Terry Fator was HILARIOUS!!!!!!

  • Casie
    Super December 2016
    Casie ·

    I loved Vegas! We saw shows. There is a ticket booth that will give you almost half price tickets if u go before 10am the day of. The pools are amazing. The strip is amazing. Go to the hoover dam and the Grand Canyon. The buffets there are amazing. Go on a gondola ride!

  • SJ
    VIP October 2017
    SJ ·

    Head to old Vegas. Those casinos all have penny slots and low table minimums and you can bring in your own booze (we legit carried around a case of beer once)

  • E-CO
    VIP July 2016
    E-CO ·

    Vegas can take ALL your money if you're not careful, but we have found a lot of ways over the years to hemorrhage less cash. Definitely use myvegas! It takes some time to generate enough points for the good BOGO's, so download it soon. Also, check out the Tix4Tonight kiosks. They have discounts for both shows and restaurants for the same day. So go early, the good deals sell out. Between myvegas and Tix4Tonight, we haven't paid full price for a meal in Vegas in a long time.

    Go on Groupon and buy the 1/2 hour happy hour ride on the High Roller. It's the giant ferris wheel/ gondola thing with the most amazing view of the strip. It is hands down the coolest thing we've done in Vegas. It's all you can drink top shelf booze too, so if you like your cocktails you can break even. Also, when you're walking the Strip, don't buy $$$ drinks from the casinos or their outdoor bars. The mom & pop bodegas have the best prices on the Strip. There are a few down by the Stratosphere and also in between the MGM and the Flamingo. The next cheapest to-go drinks will be at CVS or Walgreens. You can walk down the Strip with whatever you want as long as its not glass.

    For a special date night that won't break the bank, try Top of Binions steakhouse downtown at the Four Queens. Even without a Tix4Tonight, it's under $200 for a nice steak dinner. It's on the 24th floor with a great view of downtown. We ate at 9 p.m. and we were the only people in the restaurant for an amazing private dining experience. For a less-expensive on-strip steak dinner, I like Biscayne at the Tropicana.

  • j19sweet
    Super November 2016
    j19sweet ·

    I hear the MJ live show is good at your honeymoon hotel.

  • O&L
    VIP September 2016
    O&L ·

    Other than what people suggested, look into getting a spa day pass at Aria. I think it's $40-$50 for the whole day. It's really nice and relaxing.

  • Ms. MRose
    Super April 2017
    Ms. MRose ·

    We're going to Vegas as well and staying at Treasure Island. After only two weeks I've racked up tons of points on myvegas so I'm pretty happy. Neither one of us has been so I'm curious to good deals as well

  • becky
    Super April 2017
    becky ·

    I live in Las Vegas. Nothing about the strip is cheap, unfortunately. Even local discounts aren't that great. If you are looking to do things off the strip and are renting a car, head over to Red Rock Canyon. It is breathtaking and much closer than grand canyon. It cost $7 to get in. There is also a Casino nearby there (red rock casino) and a shopping area in Summerlin. Very nice area and lots of good restaurants (Wolfgang Puck, etc, but not the strip pricing). The West Rim of the Grand Canyon is about 2 hours away, but you have to pay about $57/person to then get into a bus which takes you there. High Roller happy 1/2 is fun and def worth the money. Make sure you try and time it for dusk. Our sunsets are pretty amazing here. I just did a "Turnt Up Tour" over the weekend. It was a ton of fun and got us into 3 nightclubs (Foxtail at SLS, Light at Mandalay Bay and Chateau at Paris) with some free drinks included at the clubs. Got it off groupon, so for 4 of us it was $34/person. Def worth the money as getting into the clubs you usually have to wait, and we got free drinks on the bus! Also, if you eat at any of the nightclubs (Tao, Voodoo, Hakasaan, etc) you get up into the club for free that night. --OR--you can just hire me as your tour guide!

  • Amanda Blue
    October 2019
    Amanda Blue ·

    Check out the free shows like the treasure island one! Very fun!

  • Yasmina
    Master November 2015
    Yasmina ·

    Stage Door Casino (Corner of Linq and Flamingo, across from Bally's) has the cheapest drinks in town, especially on the strip.

    I live here too. Keep in mind that MGM Mirage properties have started charging for parking, so if you can manage to use cabs, lyft, or uber, I would do that.

    Bellagio Fountains are still free, as is the conservatory.

    They have "Half Price Tickets" booths all over, but I don't believe most of the super big shows have any tickets there. (No Cirque.)

    If you want to splurge on a show, I would recommend Cirque du Soleil's "KA" "O", or "Love", in that order. Absinthe is amazing, if you don't mind raunchy humor.

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