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Knot Tying Ceremony!

The New Mrs. B, on February 13, 2013 at 7:10 PM Posted in Planning

I'm sure some of you have seen this "knot tying" ceremony idea on here or Pinterest or whatever.. but anyway, FH and I fell in love with the idea! We've been to a lot of weddings together and wanted to do something symbolic during the ceremony, but did not want to do the sand or the candle unity ceremonies, since we wanted something a little bit different! BUT we had a hard time finding a "script" of sorts for the officiant to incorporate it nicely into the ceremony. Now, we aren't having a particularly formal wedding and we're pretty laid back, which is why I think this cute little anecdote works in the beginning!:

BRIAN and JILLIAN have chosen to “tie the knot” to symbolize their union.

The story goes, that around the turn of the nineteenth century, an art form arose from the ranks of deep-water sailors. That art form was “knotting”. Sailors used rope to create knots that were anywhere from simple to elaborate. Some knots were purely for use, some only for decoration...



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    And some knots were used to signify meaning. One knot that arose during this time period was the “true-lover’s knot”.

    It was a simple and clear knot, implying its forthright goal. It is made up of two overhand knots, linked together, much like true lovers are in their hearts. A deep-water sailor would tie the knot loosely, and send it to his “intended” back home. Upon receiving it, the woman could:

    a) untie it, meaning the sailor shouldn’t show his face around the next time he was in port, or

    b) she could send it back, leaving it loose, the way she received it, meaning the sailor would be welcomed home, but he better be on his best behavior, or

    c) she could tighten the knot before returning it, meaning the sailor should hurry his way to the homestead.

    (To Brian and Jillian): BRIAN, since you are asking JILLIAN to marry you, take these cords (officiant hands Brian the ropes), which represents the bond between you, and tie the knot which signifies your intentions for your gathered..

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    Friends and family to see.

    (Brian ties the knot and hands the rope to Jillian)

    JILLIAN, will you please give your response by tightening the knot, representing that you will always hold BRIAN’S heart to yours.

    (Jillian tightens knot and hands rope to Officiant. Officiant holds knot up for all to see.)

    It is known to be one of the simplest knots to tie, but it is also one of the strongest there is; it will not break, and will only become stronger when under pressure. The rope itself will break before the knot comes undone.

    (Speaking to Brian and Jillian): These two cords represent your pasts- your own individual and separate lives before today. As you intertwine your pieces, you are joining your two lives into one, representing the present. The finished knot symbolizes your future, and how your love and marriage will continue to be strong despite any trials life may throw your way. Please demonstrate the strength of the knot you have just formed (Officiant hands Brian and..

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    And Jillian the knotted rope and they each hold onto their ends and lean apart).

    (To guests): We can see by this knot before us, that they both share the same intentions concerning this relationship and that they will hold each other’s heart tight, forming a strong bond from here to forever.

    (To Brian and Jillian): Let this knot be a symbol of the strength of your love for each other.

    Thoughts?! Does it flow okay?!

    I hope this helps any other brides considering doing this!

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    I was looking up Tying the knot ceremonies and I came across this. I think your ideas flow well but I thought this site may give you some ideas.

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    How long does the rope need to be? Do you have any diagrams of how to tie this knot? I love your wording, thank you so much!

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