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July brides...what’s your plan?

Meaghan, on April 5, 2020 at 9:42 PM Posted in Community Conversations 0 7
Hi guys! My wedding is July 11th and I’m not really sure what to do. If I wait too long my venue most likely won’t have any more available dates this year. I don’t really want to wait until next year either. It feels like a waiting game right now.


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    Emily ·
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    I’m July 4th. My venue didn’t have any dates left for this year even before this all started and likely has very few if any for next year as well. Therefore I’m waiting it out. If on April 30th the stay at home order gets extended, we’ll likely cancel and come up with plan B at that time. I’m trying to stay hopeful for now though!
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  • Meaghan
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    Meaghan ·
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    That’s a good plan. I’m still holding out for now but everything I hear seems so bad 😭 best of luck to you!
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  • Kasyah
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    Kasyah ·
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    We changed ours from March to mid July. I'm keeping my hopes up things will be better as rescheduling the first time was disappointing enough. We will wait until June and then decide if we need to extend it further from there.
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  • Nicole
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    Nicole ·
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    July 11 here as well. I’m not making any plans to postpone until June (or possibly very late May if there’s more concrete information). I think there are too many what-ifs still to make an informed decision this far out. If it’s not looking better by our RSVP date (June 13), we’ll chat about it then.
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  • Addy
    Beginner October 2021
    Addy ·
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    July 12 here! So far, continuing as planned. I’m in NorCal and reached out to our venue and they said they will be deciding if July weddings will be happening in June and said we can look at backup dates in May. Hoping this is all over by then 🙏🏻
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  • J
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    Jaime ·
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    July 25th here. So far we have not cancelled or postponed, but of course it is on our minds. I've given myself a mental deadline of May 1st to make any moves. I reached out to the caterer (another payment was due) just to generally ask how things were going - they have been postponing April and May weddings, and the early June ones are rolling in too. They seem like they will help accommodate any postponing if we decided to do that, but didn't want us to rush into a decision. Just offered a bunch of options, but also expressed some hope things would be better by then. I feel overwhelmed looking at our vendor list and trying to figure out how to get everyone on a new date, but also I just want to give it until May to get a better handle on what the world is like then.

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  • Amanda
    Beginner May 2021
    Amanda ·
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    We're date twins! Just made the call this weekend to postpone... Smiley sad I know it was the right call for variety of reasons. Our new date is May 22nd 2021!

    1) This should be an exciting and fun time! It's a once in a lifetime experience that you will remember forever!! So it should be a positive one Smiley smile I have found myself stressing already as my MOH called to tell me should wouldn't come if COVID is still around, and we started having other friends and family members telling us they wouldn't feel comfortable traveling period until September or later.. So I knew if we proceeded I would have a wave of cancelations closer and closer to the date. Talk about disappointing.

    2) Do you really want to put your loved ones in the uncomfortable position to choose whether to attend your wedding or not due to health concerns? I didn't want to put them in that spot. We have a lot of family over the age of 65 and at risk friends/family too. COVID is definitely going to still be around - it just (hopefully) won't be weighing on the hospital system like today.

    3) What does this mean for your wedding day? Social distancing will very likely still be required at this time.. maybe even social gathering mins.? So do you cancel the DJ or Band - no dancing all together? No hugging or kissing loved ones?

    4) All your pre-wedding festivities are likely going to be canceled or postponed. My shower and bachelorette are getting canceled as we speak.. and can you realistically reschedule them in June? I tried this route but it proved difficult. Smiley sad

    I suggest taking the weight off your shoulders now because the longer you weight to postpone the longer you will be in a state of anxiety and stress Smiley sad

    Good luck!!

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