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Andy, on January 18, 2021 at 8:32 PM Posted in California Planning 0 3
So... We’re here in San Diego, CA. We were suppose to get married 3/21/20. Quarantine started in CA 3/20/20, What a nightmare week that was. If we only would’ve had our wedding the weekend before.

We initially tentatively set a new date for 8/1/20, but knew that probably wouldn’t work out. And then reset for 7/31/21. Now here we are both vaccinated, thinking is it still not going to happen? I’m not even hopeful, or disappointed anymore. I just am like flat. Any thoughts, words of encouragement, words of caution. I would just like to talk about with people who understand because I don’t like talking about it with my friends and family.


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  • Victoria
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    Hi Andy, VA bride over here! I'm getting married on June 26th ( after rescheduling my 01/02/21 wedding) so I hear you! Vaccines have not rolled out massively here, so I am a little cautious as well to see how things are going to go. It makes things a little scarier now that this whole mutated COVID strain has come to light. I'm praying that I will still be able to have my wedding and I have cut my guest list to 32 people to make sure that we're keeping things as safe as we can. We're doing most of our activities outside to keep people distanced and air flowing. Keep up some sort of hope! I know that this whole pandemic has just KILLED so much excitement, but the best part of it all is that you get to marry the person of your dreams! That is what's keeping me positive and hopeful right now. We've got this!

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  • Stephanie
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    I relate on feeling flat. Our date is in July 2021 and I go from happy and excited to sad or numb about the whole thing. I'm obviously happy to get married but the thought of this pandemic has me so frustrated. We have not been vaccinated yet and we live in SoCal where things are currently not great. I'm hoping vaccine distribution ramps up soon.

    Either way we have decided we will definitely be cutting our guest list from over 100 to anywhere between 50 - 70, and most likely we will have 50 guests which we feel comfortable with so far.

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  • Lynnie
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    I'm so sorry Andy. I think there's still hope for summer weddings in CA on a small scale (maybe 10-25 person gatherings)? And I'm staying hopeful that with the vaccine, that by this fall things will definitely be opening back up again!!

    Here are a few other conversations you should check out where you can connect with other California couples about your plans and concerns for this summer:

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