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Informed delivery post office

Bridget, on August 20, 2019 at 8:51 AM Posted in Planning 0 14
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So about a month ago the neighbor’s teen parked too close to our mailbox and we didn’t get delivery. It happens. Unfortunately it was fh paycheck day. Monday comes no check. 🤦🏼‍♀️
So Tuesday morning he goes to the post office. Apparently our Saturday mail was still in her truck but it was coming. The guy told him about informed delivery. You sign up and every day they email you with scanned pictures of your mail.
Our RSVPs are starting to come in so every morning at 7:30 I’m stalking my email to see if any of my pretty little envelopes are pictured.
Fh will come in with the mail and say we got... and I’ll be like 6 responses! Lol. It’s so fun. 😁


  • Cyndy
    VIP May 2019
    Cyndy Online ·
    I love the informed delivery. I’ve had it for years because we have two houses and with forwarding mail I never know where anything is. I’m sure it’s fun to see all the responses each day.
  • Cliodhna
    WeddingWire Administrator January 2030
    Cliodhna ·

    Oh that's so cool, Bridget! never knew it was a thing

    How many RSVPs have you got so far?

  • FutureMrsD
    Legend July 2019
    FutureMrsD ·

    I used informed delivery, it's helpful. I signed up for similar services for UPS and Fedex!

  • Nikki
    Devoted March 2020
    Nikki ·
    Is it free??? I’m getting invites ready now but won’t be sending out late dec or early Jan and think this would be great when rsvps roll in
  • Eyonna
    Dedicated May 2021
    Eyonna ·

    This is awesome. Just signed up and it is free.

  • Bridget
    Devoted October 2019
    Bridget ·
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    Yes it’s free!!!!
  • Nikki
    Devoted March 2020
    Nikki ·
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    Oooo I will be looking into this 😁
  • Cassi
    Super October 2019
    Cassi ·

    My coworkers were just talking about this!

  • mrsaj2b
    Master October 2019
    mrsaj2b Online ·

    Informed delivery is the best thing. I've had it for quite some time now. I have told everybody to get it.

  • M
    Savvy July 2020
    Melinda ·
    I love informed delivery!! I didn’t think I’d care about it, as I only mostly get bills (which are paid online before I get the paper statements anyway lol), but when you’re expecting something different/important (like wedding RSVPs), it’s very helpful! 🙂🙂
  • Marissa
    Dedicated October 2019
    Marissa ·
    I have it! I love it!
  • S
    Expert October 2019
    Sara ·
    Someone just told me about this right before we sent invites and I love it! All the RSVPs are going to my parents house so I can get an idea of what or how many we’ve gotten back and I don’t have to go over there every single day
  • Krysta
    Devoted September 2019
    Krysta ·

    I love informed delivery. We were having issues with our mail not coming & I signed up for that. I love seeing what's coming while Im still at work.

  • Tamika
    Devoted October 2019
    Tamika ·

    I LOVE INFORMED DELIVERY!!!!!!!!!! I had issues with our postal service until I had my important wedding stuff get sent to my Grandmother's house. I was able to reroute something before it was sent back to the company. They had to mail it to me because I was tracking at the point.

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