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Ideas on how to fly to pr with my wedding dress

Natalie, on July 10, 2021 at 8:03 AM Posted in Wedding Attire 0 4

Hello beautiful ladies!

I finally got my Dres!!! I so excited and can't wait to wear it on the big day!! Just to give you an idea my dress is ball gown so its pretty big and I have to fly with it to Puerto Rico.

Any airlines that you recommend that are helpful and accommodate brides freaking out about their dress getting damaged during the flight? Should I carry it as carry-on(it is a bit heavy) or get a huge luggage and check it ?


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    Definitely take it carry-on! I’ve heard of people doing a few different things. If you fly first class, they will 100% allow you to put it in the coat closet and hang there for the flight. If you fly coach, there is still a good chance they will do this for as long as they have room. Also, you can purchase an extra ticket for your dress to have its own seat (this could be cheaper than upgrading your seats depending on flights). Good luck!
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    I flew Delta first class with my ball gown — I definitely did NOT want to check in, so I bought a special ball gown garment bag on Amazon that folded up into the size of a carry on. It fit just fine in the overhead bin and I paid a professional steamer to come de-wrinkle it the morning of the wedding. It honestly wasn’t too badly crushed at all, though.
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    I’m flying in April with mine on American Airlines…My bridal boutique said that if you get there early to check in you can ask them to hang it for you in first class and they usually will accommodate. If not she said wedding dresses are quite resilient so double bagging it and putting it in the overhead compartment is fine as well. I would definitely not check it! You want to keep your eyes on it at all times who knows what happens underneath the plane haha good luck!
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    I flew on United with mine (coach) and they offered to put it in the closet for me as I walked on the plane
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