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Ideas on getting dress from Alabama to michigan

Mary, on January 26, 2020 at 11:11 AM Posted in Planning 0 4
Hi y'all I met my fiance about 9 years ago he was in a bad relationship with his wife where she put her hands on him. I was in a bad relationship for 25years with my son's father. My fiance were friends for 9 years he got divorced last year and I left my son's father 4 years ago. After my fiance got divorced he got ahold of me we started dating and then he asked me to marry him. Well my mom was my bestfriend and when she found out we were dating and goin to get married she didn't want anything to do with me. My father really likes my fiance. I'm the only child besides my step sister which is t his blood he paid for her whole wedding. Now that my dad knows we are goin to get married he want to pay for It. He gave me a budget of 2900 and I found a bed and breakfast with everything included except the dancing and drinking but that's ok I'm 43 and my 53 so my family is older we are the best and breakfast said only 15 people so I invited the people that inspired me to become the person I am today. My father doesn't get along with mom and he doesn't want my mom or her family to show up. I'm fine with that even though my mom is upset I still would like her to see me and help on my wedding day. My fiance and I live in Alabama and the wedding is in Michigan. So ladies I need some input on how should I get my dress to michigan. Thanks everyone for listening I needed so women in my life to help thank you again


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  • MOB So Cal
    January 2019
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    How are you getting yourself from Alabama to Michigan? Whether you're driving or flying, I'd just plan on taking the dress with you. Especially if you'll be flying with it, I'd probably make arrangements to have it steamed as soon as you arrive in Michigan, since it will likely have to be kind of squished into a carry-on garment bag for the flight.

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  • Becca
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    If flying I would talk to the airline for their suggestions. But I’ve read how people carried on their dress and once boarding the flight attendant stored the dress in a safe zone.
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  • Allyson
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    I just packed my dress in a carry on
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  • Clíodhna
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    Hey there Smiley smile How do you plan on getting to Michigan yourself? As the PP mentioned, I would recommend bringing it along with you. If you’re flying, you can contact the airline in advance to see how they advise you to travel with it. Quite often, brides can bring their dress online with them as hand luggage!

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