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i eventually find the one dress

Sy, on October 20, 2019 at 4:39 AM Posted in Wedding Attire 1 13
It’s so different. So me.

Although I was a bit worried that not everyone would like it, I decide to go with it cause I literally can picture myself with it in my wedding.

i eventually find the one dress 1

i eventually find the one dress 2

i eventually find the one dress 3

i eventually find the one dress 4

i eventually find the one dress 5


Latest activity by Clíodhna, on October 21, 2019 at 10:48 AM
  • Ashley
    Savvy October 2020
    Ashley ·
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    This dress is absolutely stunning! So unique, and it looks amazing on you!
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  • Briana
    Dedicated December 2019
    Briana ·
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    That dress is gorgeous on you!
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  • Eri
    Super October 2020
    Eri ·
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    Wow, that is one of the prettiest dresses I've seen!

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  • Tina
    VIP March 2020
    Tina ·
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    What a beautiful dress!!
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  • Reena
    Expert February 2021
    Reena ·
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    That dress is fantastic
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  • Stefanie
    Devoted December 2019
    Stefanie ·
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    This is stunning! It’s so original and feels like a fairytale.
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  • Pirate & 60s Bride
    Legend March 2017
    Pirate & 60s Bride ·
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    LOVE it. Love that it’s unique and you chose a dress that suits YOU. Stunning on you. 🥰
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  • Btbride
    Super August 2019
    Btbride ·
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    It looks like a work of art! So pretty.

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  • Cyndy
    Rockstar May 2019
    Cyndy ·
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    That’s gorgeous on you! You should go with what YOU love. Congratulations on finding that special dress.
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  • Julie
    VIP February 2020
    Julie ·
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    I LOVE THIS DRESS! If I didn't already have one, I'd ask you about the designer! Sooo beautiful on you.
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  • Nikkeisha
    Devoted February 2020
    Nikkeisha ·
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    That is absolutely stunning! Love it

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  • Anna
    Super August 2020
    Anna ·
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    Omg. I LOVE this. Good for you for picking something you love even if it's different from the traditional bridal dress. This is stunning.

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  • Clíodhna
    WeddingWire Administrator January 2030
    Clíodhna ·
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    WOW Smiley love This is gorgeous, Sy! So unique!

    Did you get the veil also?

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