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How to cover up the Ugly" with Decorations

Valerie, on May 26, 2015 at 12:23 PM Posted in Do It Yourself 0 12
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Looking for ideas...

We are having our reception at an outdoor pavilion. It's beautiful and rustic EXCEPT for the batting cage nets that are at one end. And we're not allowed to take them down. We are on a SUPER tight budget and looking for a way to cover up or disguise these unattractive nets. We have thought about the net style Christmas lights. but those are quite expense for how many we would need. They go about 12ft high and it's about 30ft wide total.

Anyone have any ideas that would be inexpensive?


  • Sarah195
    Master October 2016
    Sarah195 ·

    I can't really see the nets in the picture but what if you pinned pictures of you and your FH and family up there? It could be a cute collage of old and new pictures.

  • MrsPope
    Master September 2015
    MrsPope ·

    Date twin!!! I would suggest adding a backdrop in front of it.

  • Ashley<3Ryan21
    Devoted September 2015
    Ashley<3Ryan21 ·

    Search 'photo booth backdrops' on Pinterest. You'll get all sorts of wall coverings and cheap decor that you can make to cover it up depending on what the rest of your decor and theme is

  • StarFromIHJ
    Master August 2016
    StarFromIHJ ·

    Could you add a curtain?

  • Brit12
    Expert March 2016
    Brit12 ·

    I think they look kinda good pinned up like that, allows you to see the trees out there. But I also liked @FutureMrs.C's idea. If you open them up then pinning photos onto them that would be pretty cool. Another possibility would be to put your buffet in front of them? No one would really notice them because they are so fixated on the food.

  • Mrs. Batog-Huffman
    Master February 2016
    Mrs. Batog-Huffman ·

    Maybe a combo of ideas? A sheet or thin quilt with photo collage of you and FH as the backdrop and place your buffet in front of it?

  • Nancy Taussig
    July 2019
    Nancy Taussig ·

    What about a canvas drop cloth or tarp or sheets of burlap?

  • S
    VIP August 2015
    Sparkles ·

    I've seen a ton of pictures on Pinterest about photo backdrops with ribbon or crape paper or paper fans. What about that?

  • V
    Savvy September 2015
    Valerie ·

    Thanks everyone for ideas. I have a lot to look into.

    You know, when you look at this picture they nets don't look so bad. In person though, they just draw a lot of attention...lol.

  • Klista Storts
    July 2019
    Klista Storts ·

    We did my son's reception in a pavilion just like that. We draped tulle from the end and put christmas lights behind it. Hung a hoola-hoop chandelier over the dance floor and strung party lights up and down the length of the pavilion. Left the pavilion lights off.

  • Doublej079
    VIP August 2015
    Doublej079 ·

    Check Oriental Trading Company for really cheap "fabric" wall coverings and lights to cover the sapce (if that's what you decide on). I also saw this on Pinterest - I wanted to do it, but really can't take on anything else at this point, and have no place to put it up anyways. It's in a bedroom, but you can see the idea...

  • M
    Just Said Yes December 2014
    Mary ·

    Hmm, why not attaching some nice photos of yours around? Or hang them on a ceiling? Maybe, you should consider making a huge 3d art project? My wedding was a day to remember with our favorite moments together combined in one big installation with help of 3d photo editor

    Daz3d - try it! Guests were impressed, we were moved deeply and the atmosphere was really happy! Good luck!

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