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How to coup when it looks like it might rain!

Breana, on October 15, 2021 at 10:51 AM Posted in Planning 0 4

I have been planning this wedding for about over 2 years now. With the postponement with Covid in 2020, we decided that 2021 would be the year. Unfortunately, the day we got excited for the day it looks like some rain on that day. According to the forecast, there is a 24-31 percent of rain and we are a week out from the date. I live in LA and we decided October because of availability, October being somewhat of a dry month, and if fit the theme. The wedding is outside, and this location was specific for us to get married at because of the outside area. Now, I am freaking out about the possibility of rain and all I seem to think about is the all of the money was for nothing. There is an inside area, but with Covid, I am not sure what this will look. Has anyone anyone with an outside venue experienced this and how did you coup? How did you coup with getting married different from what you originally paid and planned for? Any tips on how to prepare?

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    Sarah ·
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    Honestly, 24-31% isn't that bad and it's still a week out. I've seen it before where it said 60% and then it didn't rain at all. I'm sure LA is different than Cleveland, but I wouldn't stress about it. There's a good chance you'll have great weather, and even if you don't there isn't much you can do about it so just don't stress yourself out.

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  • Lisa
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    There's definitely time for the weather to change! But even if it doesn't, you could get some umbrellas and take some fun pictures in the rain! I've seen some really cool photos come from weather that isn't bright and sunny. It isn't ideal, but at least there is an indoor space at your venue that you can use if it does rain, or you could look into large tent rentals.
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  • Samantha
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    Our ceremony only has outside as an option (but it's the beach in SoCal so it felt safe to me), and I already plan on ordering a bunch of clear bubble umbrellas a little less than a month out from Amazon and returning them if we don't use them! Rain pictures would be STUNNING, and it's apparently very good luck for rain on your day. You could also call your venue and ask what your day will look like if it does end up raining, but as was mentioned before, I wouldn't worry too much about 30% if I were you.

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  • Breana
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    Thank you. I am trying to hold out and be positive.

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