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How are vendors responding to covid-19 rescheduling?

Ani, on March 17, 2020 at 3:31 AM Posted in Planning 0 2
We just moved our 4/25/2020 wedding all the way to 11/21/2020 in light of the virus. All of our vendors were accommodating. Those that were available waived rescheduling fees and those who weren’t gave us at least some of our deposits back.

My DJ was the only vendor who was difficult. After running several dates by him failed to come up with something my venue had open, I asked if he would refund our deposit. He flat out refused. He didn’t even offer a partial refund. As you know, with what’s going on in Los Angeles now, weddings in April are very likely to be cancelled whether couples want them to be cancelled or not. So, he was unlikely to be able to perform.
I had to use the “I’m an attorney and your contract says x,” and ask for his legal team’s information before he caved, said he had a soft hold on my new date and would schedule us anyways.
Are you finding that as you reschedule, vendors are refunding deposits if they can’t reschedule you? My planner said nobody else had refused other than thr DJ.


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  • Jameelah
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    My florist isn’t giving us anything back.
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  • Lisa
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    So far adorable our Aug 29,20 wedding we have only been contacted by our venue. They are extremely accommodating and agree to push our wedding to December if needed (as long as availability is there) My FH and I are taking it one day at a time and told a few close family members to hold out from purchasing tickets. Other than that we are watching closely and planning as normal.
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