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Herbalife .. Yes or No?

sabrina, on April 6, 2016 at 7:18 AM Posted in Fitness and Health 0 29
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Thinking of starting Herbalife to drop weight for my Sept. Wedding. Has anyone had success with this program. I will also start working out 3x's/week or more. I am looking to drop 50lbs!!! Any tips for success???


  • Becoming a Mrs
    Master July 2016
    Becoming a Mrs ·

    I use to use Herbalife. Not for any specific reason other then it was a fad and it tasted yummy. I know some people that lost weight and some people that gained weight. Honestly if you are trying to lose weight I would stick to healthy eating and good old fashion exercise. I have some people on my Facebook who live by Herbalife that are personal trainers but they also eat super healthy and their life working out.

  • Mrs. Knolle
    Master July 2016
    Mrs. Knolle ·

    Interested in the answers.

  • sabrina
    Savvy September 2016
    sabrina ·

    @becoming a mrs, I agree that healthy eating is always key, but at this point my schedule is killing my day to day eating habits. I with super early hours so I skip breakfast and lunch. I'm looking for a meal replacement program to help add some balance!

  • Emily O.
    VIP June 2016
    Emily O. ·

    It didn't do anything for me. Shakes were good, but don't last the amount of time they tell you it will, so you'll spend about 2x the amount each month. Cut out bread, sweets and soda and watch the scale drop. I've lost 5 lbs since Monday doing this.

  • Kristy
    Master November 2015
    Kristy ·

    Save your Money.

    Nothing will do what a healthy diet of real food will do for you.

  • Heather
    Super October 2016
    Heather ·

    Get a cheap hand blender from Walmart and make smoothies for breakfast!! I prep all of my fruit and veggies on Sunday and have it for the week. Then add a scoop of vanilla protein powder and a scoop of vanilla yogurt

  • Future Mrs. Holz
    Super June 2017
    Future Mrs. Holz ·

    My buddy used to sell this to us, it works but you're hungry ALL THE TIME. And made me pee like crazy. Eventually I put back on my weight because I quit the shakes. Of course you're going to lose weight when your diet is two shakes a day! Overall, I've been just working out and cutting out things here and there and have lost 6-7lbs in the last few months

  • JoRocka
    Master September 2016
    JoRocka ·


    Calorie deficit.

  • Celia Milton
    October 2019
    Celia Milton ·

    No. More movement, less Fritos.

  • Katy
    Master September 2015
    Katy ·

    No, no no no. Don't get into fad diets and MLM crap. I make my own protein shakes and that works to curb hunger and break the habit of eating just to eat if that's a problem for you.

  • MeetTheHamiltons
    Master April 2017
    MeetTheHamiltons ·

    I know someone who uses this and uh, lets just say she is skinny but she does not look healthy at all. A healthy well balanced diet is the key, plus exercise. You do not want to get stuck buying this product in order to keep the weight off, you have to learn how to eat right.

    ETA: I did the Fit girl challenge, it was very informative. It helps you learn how to eat right.

  • JustPlainCat
    VIP September 2016
    JustPlainCat ·

    FH did this a couple of years ago. (I believe his first experience was when he dated someone that sold it a lifetime ago.) He did lose weight when he was using it but he was so friggin' cranky I wanted to run him over.

  • BecomingBailey
    VIP August 2016
    BecomingBailey ·

    First off... eat breakfast! I am a serial breakfast skipper but I have started downing a protien shake ( good quality and you design your own) in the morning within an hour of being awake. It's done wonders for me. Find snacks that you can take with you in your purse or whatever. I eat every 4 hours so I have snacks everywhere. I promise when you stop making the busy excuse for the nutrition intake, you will see and feel a world of difference. Trust me I was the same and I'd go til like 3pm sometimes without eating. My dr ended up sending me to a nutritionist for other health reasons but I've agreed to make better choices and eat more regularly and I got to say it's made a difference.

  • sabrina
    Savvy September 2016
    sabrina ·

    AGAIN, I AM NOT looking for an alternative to healthy eating. I AM, however, looking for a supplement for breakfast and lunch considering I DON'T EAT EITHER AT ALL. That doesn't help NOT eating is having a bad impact on my metabolism. I'm sure a protein shakes is better than nothing.

  • MeetTheHamiltons
    Master April 2017
    MeetTheHamiltons ·

    Herbalife shakes are considered meal replacement shakes, which are not healthy for you. People are suggesting ways for you to include healthy food options to eat, instead of skipping a meal or trying to replace it with a shake. A whey protein shake or a homemade smoothie plus a piece a fruit or yogurt is a better and quicker option.

  • sabrina
    Savvy September 2016
    sabrina ·

    I am not skipping meals I purpose.

  • Arielle
    Expert November 2016
    Arielle ·

    Buy some protein powder (cellucor has great flavors, I like the pb marshmallow) and batch prep a week's worth of smoothies on sunday to take with you to work for breakfast. Make sure you're eating enough - you say you skip breakfast and lunch, which means your body is basically holding on for dear life to every calorie you give it because you're not feeding it regularly or enough. Even if you keep a jar of almonds on your desk and have a handful every hour or so, at least your metabolism will be steady.

  • sabrina
    Savvy September 2016
    sabrina ·

    Thanks Arielle! I'll try that. And I WISH I had a desk job. I have a very Physical job. I could be burning a ton of calories if I could increase my metabolism (hence my herbalife inquiry).

  • Soon2BRuffo
    Super October 2017
    Soon2BRuffo ·

    I used herbalife for a little and I loved my results however it messed with my TOM and my gyno recommended I stop using it. In which I did and my cycle went back to normal.

  • Lex
    Dedicated December 2016
    Lex ·

    I was a Herbalife coach for awhile, I think the protein shakes are great for after the gym. I love their energy tea as well. But, they don't keep you full. I'm always on the go but I make sure I make time for breakfast. I would recommend prepping breakfast the night before and always keep a protein bar in your purse. I love quest bars and Larabars.

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