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Just Said Yes July 2017

Help! My wedding video was awful!

Raegan, on October 9, 2017 at 9:45 PM Posted in Community Conversations 0 4

I paid a company (that I will not name on here!) to do a 6 min video highlight and 1 hour wedding video. The guy came and filmed most of the day and they sent the videos back nearly two months later. And to my horror, our video was absolutely terrible! I was so embarrassed, I only showed it to a few people. All of them agreed that it looked like a kid experimenting with iMovie had just thrown some random clips together. There were no special moments and they didn't follow any of the suggestions I made nor did they do the things they promised. And I am a pretty easy person to please! After going back and forth for a while, I just ended up having them send me the raw footage so that I could have someone else put together a nice 6-7 minute highlight video that I would be proud to post for our friends and family that couldn't make it! Does anyone know where I can find someone or a company willing to sift through the footage and actually make a great video out of it?


Latest activity by Nadia, on January 2, 2019 at 9:34 AM
  • Jay Farrell
    Jay Farrell ·
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    Sadly, you can't polish a turd if the coverage is lacklustre. This is why I say hire a really good one or skip it.

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  • Amanda
    Super May 2018
    Amanda ·
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    Not sure where you're located but in MA we have local / community access TV stations that have a lot of interns working toward degrees in video editing. If they can't do it for you, may be worth looking into learning yourself so you can edit it exactly how you'd like! Maybe professionals would be able to take the raw footage and make something, but I imagine you'll be dishing out quite a bit more money, but doesn't hurt to ask.

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  • Stephannie
    Super December 2017
    Stephannie ·
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    Not sure where you are, but my FH is a videographer and does many weddings. Depending on the actual quality of the footage captured, there might not be much someone can do. How much are you willing to spend on the edit? Truthfully, the editing is where most of the expense comes from - they have to go through all the raw footage, pay for rights to the songs they use in the background and also make it flow all while capturing the important moments and tones of the day. How is the raw footage? The sound on it?

    We are in NWPA, if that's anywhere near you he might be able to help you out but unfortunately it will cost you.

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  • Caitlyn
    Super December 2016
    Caitlyn ·
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    I would just make sure you read your videography contract. Even though you have the raw footage now that doesn't necessarily mean that legally someone can edit it per the videographer or his company. So if you do get a video made, you probably couldn't share it on social media etc.

    If you are allowed to edit it, I would love to try and help you out. I made a highlight video for us to keep from our raw footage and it is one of my favorite things from the wedding.

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