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Help, bridesmaid in need of a dress.

Candice, on September 23, 2021 at 2:14 AM Posted in Wedding Attire 2 5

I’m way late in getting a floor length Cinnamon colored bridesmaids dress from David’s bridal. My best friends wedding is October 21st and I can’t seem to find the color or size in that color anywhere. If I were order online it wouldn’t be here in time. Anything helps


  • Rosie
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    Rosie ·
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    Try all the second hand places like facebook marketplace, ebay, poshmark etc, and if you're on a local wedding group for your area ask there too - brides are often looking to sell the dresses after their day is over. Oh, and could you ring up the head office or closest store to you and ask if anyone has any stock that either didn't get picked up or is show stock that you could buy? Most stores are ok with inter-store transfers so maybe they could source a dress for you closeby.

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  • C
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    Candice ·
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    Thank you so much

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  • Kayla
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    Kayla ·
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    Definitely check Amazon! I just typed in cinnamon long bridesmaids dress and alot of dresses popped up you will just need to go through the colors and see what matches the closest.

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  • Jen
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    Jen ·
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    You might still be able to make it work at a David's Bridal. I would suggest calling all the local stores and explaining you need the dress *today* and see if they can make that happen.

    I bought a wedding dress from them and left with it on the same day, so I know it's possible.

    Good luck! Hope you find it.

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  • L
    Savvy November 2021
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    DB Ready to ship in cinnamon

    I had a similar situation, some of these will arrive in less than a week. Look at every single one in your size or call david's bridal and tell them you need one ASAP, sometimes they have some in store or can order for you

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