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Paige, on February 21, 2020 at 12:30 PM Posted in Community Conversations 0 7
Hey everyone I could use some help with a hashtag! My last name is Pierce but will be Schuler! Any suggestions??


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    Does he happen to be a Doctor?!

    #PAIGEingDrSchuler !! Lol!!

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  • Patrice
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    I just posted a post about helping me figure out a hashtag for our nuptials in May 2021. LOL Isn't it almost nerve-wrecking trying to be creative with the hashtag? LOL

    Here are a few things that came to since your name is Pierce but will be Schuler:

    #PSWeSaidYes (a play on P.S....that might be corny but hey it could work, lol)



    #FromPtoShiningSchuler (lol "from sea to shining sea" .... )



    If I think of anymore...and hopefully they aren't as corny as the ones i've already listed, lol, I will send you a message. Best of success with finding that perfect hashtag...hopefully we can decide on one of the ones that were suggested to us very soon. LOL

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