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Has anyone honeymooned in outerbanks, NC or the Florida Keys?

Laura, on May 26, 2013 at 9:31 AM Posted in Honeymoon 0 10
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DH and I really want a Caribbean honeymoon and are meeting with a travel agent in August. However, if it can't work with out budget, I want to keep an open mind about domestic honeymoons. Someone suggested to me the Outerbanks or Florida Keys. Has anyone honeymooned or vacationed at either? Any reviews/suggestions? We want romance but still some low key things to do like watersports. Thank you for any input!


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  • Alexis
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    The outer banks are great & my family has been going since I was little. I would recommend the sanderling resort in duck. It has a lot of amenities like a nice spa. I would think this place would be more couple focused then family focused (which is what a lot of the outer banks is). If you like microbrews be sure to check out the weeping radish on the drive in.

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  • Jules
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    We've been going to the Outer Banks frequently for vacation since I was about 9. It's pretty much my favorite place on earth!

    I don't have much to recommend as far as romance, since I'm usually there with my family. But my favorite water activity are kayak tours - usually about 3-4 hours long!

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  • Annie
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    The Florida Keys are the U.S. answer to the tropics. I love Key West. You forget you are still in the U.S. Very quaint, but lots to do up and down all the keys. But I will warn you, they Keys are not cheap. You could probably do something in Punta Cana for about the same amount of money you would spend in the Keys.

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  • IrishLove™
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    I've never honeymoon in the OBX

    But I have been there many many times and Love it. I go to Emerald Isle and that is a great spot... Ocean on one side the Sound (bay) on the other. Near it is beautiful Beaufort (a walk to remember was filmed there) the beaches are beautiful I just can't say enough of it.

    Then again I've never been to Key West but my family as a house in West Palm and I love love love FL white beaches FL is amazing haha!

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  • keekee
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    Me and my friends go on a big beach vacation every year and we'd do a different beach each year but after going to the Outer Banks, it has become THE beach we go to. It's not as touristy as Myrtle Beach but there is still a lot to do. Since it's wedged between the ocean and a bay, you can do almost any watersport you can think of. There's a really nice sunset dolphin tour cruise at Captain Johnny's that is always the best part of our trip. I LOVE it there!

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  • Kelly
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    We go to the Keys three or four times a year! Love it! Just got back from Key West last weekend. I personally would go for the Outerbanks, but that's because I do the Keys all the time. Depends on what you are looking for. Key west is fun but very party driven. Lots to do on the water though!

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  • Nancy Taussig
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    There are keys/islands on Florida's Suncoast (west coast). Beautiful sunsets, palm trees, white sand beaches!

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  • James Clark
    James Clark ·
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    I used to live in Key West and Big Pine Key and emphatically suggest the keys. As your FH is a jar head Smiley smile, you may be able to take advantage of lodging on NAS Key West for some savings.

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  • DlovesD
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    We also go to the Outer Banks every year with FH's family. It's so fun and relaxing! A lot of family activities but plenty for couples to do also!

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  • Combay
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    Not honeymoon, but DH and I took our first vacation there together about 2 years ago. it was a fun time. We rented a house with some friends/family of mine.

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