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Friday weddings?

Julia, on January 10, 2019 at 12:39 PM Posted in Planning 0 49
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Hi!! So the venue that I have literally been dreaming about has the date I wanted booked along with every Saturday for that month (February) and the next 4 months after that.. just my luck. They told me they Friday before my original date is open but I’m not sure if a Friday wedding will be to much of an inconvenience for my guest. What is everyone’s opinion? My only other option is to wait an additional year (2022) which I truly don’t want.
Thank you!!


  • MrsD
    Legend July 2019
    MrsD ·

    As long as you sent save the dates early (like 10 months - 12 months) in advance, I don't think it's a huge deal. Is everyone local? What time will it be on Friday?

  • Maggie
    Champion October 2025
    Maggie ·

    Hi Julia!! Welcome to WeddingWire!! From what I've seen, Friday weddings are on the rise because they tend to cost less than Saturday and sometimes Sunday weddings. I've personally never been to a wedding on a Friday, but I think I would rather a Friday than a Sunday.

    I think it also depends on the timing. If you're having the ceremony at noon, it's going to be much more inconvenient than a ceremony at, say, 3:30. That way, your guests might be able to work a half day instead of missing an entire day of work.

    My one suggestion would be to send invites and save the dates a little bit earlier than one normally might for a Saturday wedding. People might need to take off work for the wedding or for travel, but by the time February comes around, I think people are looking for a reason to get out of the office.

  • Julia
    Beginner February 2020
    Julia ·
    Unfortunately most are from out of the county and out of state and the venue is about 2 hours away from us. Most likely the evening.
  • Dawna
    Savvy July 2020
    Dawna ·

    If it were just you and some close friends, I'd say go for it. However, it can really ask for trouble in this situation. Is there a way to change the wedding date to another month where there would be a weekend? I know venues are very important but waiting until 2022 seems a bit extreme for one. I'd say you still have other options open for that time frame that you are looking. Is there not another comparable venue you could compromise with?

  • Chandra
    Master May 2019
    Chandra ·
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    I would definitely send STDs then! I dont think it's a huge problem. I get to make a mini getaway with Friday weddings!
  • Julia
    Beginner February 2020
    Julia ·
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    Ah! I meant country not county huge difference haha
  • Julia
    Beginner February 2020
    Julia ·
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    Thank you!! I agree!! Hopefully they do as well 🤣
  • JustKidding
    VIP April 2018
    JustKidding ·

    I would not go to a Friday wedding unless you were a best friend or super close relative. I don't get enough PTO to want to take what would be almost a half day, or if you were really far a whole day away just for that.

    Sadly week day weddings tend to put a lot of burden on your guests.

    Personally, I would let go of the date and find something that would work for the most guests.

  • Melissa
    VIP October 2018
    Melissa ·

    We had a Friday wedding and our guests actually LOVED it - even the ones that came in from out of state. Most came into town the morning of, and had the extra day to explore the city. (I'm in Chicago) The only place where we noticed any sort of difference was the ceremony attendance. There were definitely a handful of people who couldn't take off work or leave early and could only do the reception, which was fine with us. But I'd say out of everyone that came to our reception, about 80% were at the ceremony as well!

    Also...having a Friday wedding saved us A LOT of money. All of our vendors offered Friday discounts.

    I should add that our ceremony was at 3:30, reception started with cocktail hour at 6, and we partied until midnight.

  • PrincessLawrence
    VIP June 2018
    PrincessLawrence ·
    We did a Friday wedding. We sent out 275 invitations and 195 showed and maybe half made to ceremony that was the only down fall. However we got to celebrate with them all at reception
  • Alexis
    Devoted December 2020
    Alexis ·
    Hi! A Friday wedding could be cheaper, and it sounds as if your wedding is in 2021? If so, you have plenty of time to get Save the Dates out to your guests so they're prepared. My wedding is also in 2021, and we're planning on doing a Monday, which is frankly more inconvenient than a Friday, but we've notified everyone in advance, especially the roughly 25% of our guest list that happens to be out of state. So I think as long as you let everyone know in advance, which you definitely have time to do, you should be golden!
  • MrsV1027
    Master October 2018
    MrsV1027 ·

    It will work if you have a good timeline. Send STD early on so people can make sure they clear work schedules if needed and don't start the ceremony around the normal stop time for work.

  • Julia
    Beginner February 2020
    Julia ·
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    Lol I’m mixing my dates all up. The date I was hoping for is February 2020. So I would have to wait until 2021 not 2022
  • Mackenzie
    Dedicated November 2018
    Mackenzie ·
    If most people are out of the country they are having to take off work anyway. It is your day do it the day you want it!
  • Maggie
    Super February 2019
    Maggie ·
    It's a little inconvenient but I think you would be fine. If you are a year or two out that gives people plenty of time to plan. If people are coming from out of town they are going to need to take time off work anyway and I dont think one extra day is going make that much of a difference. I've been to two out of town Fridayweddings, I made it into a mini vacation and it was nice to have the whole weekend after to explore the area.
  • Alexis
    Devoted December 2020
    Alexis ·
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    Either way, I still think you have a lot of time! If you book now or soon and let people know, I think you'll be fine. Friday is technically part of the weekend, so I don't see it being a huge inconvenience for you or your guests.
  • Stef
    Just Said Yes August 2019
    Stef ·
    We're planning a Friday wedding, and both of our families are from different states. We recently had friends who got married on a Friday, and it was actually great! It's basically just a long weekend for attendees, or they could even save on airfare flying on non peak days, as Friday's and Sunday's airfare, at least here, tend to be pricier than a Thursday evening or Saturday.
  • Alisha
    Dedicated November 2020
    Alisha ·

    Our wedding will be on a Friday next year so I am all for weddings on that day! Most of my family is local so I do not have the same issue as you with many out-of-town guests, but I think if you send STD's early enough, it shouldn't be a big deal. I think waiting till 2022 is a little excessive if you really have your heart set on getting married in 2020 or 2021 in that specific venue.

    Our plan is to schedule the ceremony at a later time, like around 5:45 or 6:00 PM so people have time to get ready, leave work, etc. I am more concerned with the reception more so than the ceremony so it won't bother me as much if guests cannot make it to the first event.

    I feel as if the pros of a Friday wedding outweigh the cons by far, but I think it's a good idea to take some time and weigh your venue options before deciding what to do

  • Paige
    Savvy April 2019
    Paige ·
    We are having our wedding on a Friday! For us it was literally half the cost to do it on a Friday, so we went for it. I was also concerned with it being inconvenient for people but as I have been told several times, if the people you invited want to be there they will make time and will be there. Plus at the end of the day it’s not their wedding it’s your big day! So I would just do what makes you guys happy!
  • Mrs. Cohen
    Super October 2018
    Mrs. Cohen ·

    I had a Friday wedding and it was no problem! Since it was a Friday, we sent out Save the Dates extra early, a year in advance, so our guests would have plenty of time to request the day off work, save up vacation time, and make any necessary travel arrangements. It didn't seem to be an issue for anyone, in fact kind of the opposite; a lot of guests said they appreciated having a Friday wedding to attend because it left the rest of their weekend free and for those who traveled, they said it gave them a good excuse to take a day off from work and make a mini vacation out of it!

    We were, however, a little worried about Friday traffic in Los Angeles for our wedding, so we made note on our formal invitations to take traffic into consideration when traveling to our venue. We only had 1 couple miss the ceremony portion due to traffic, which was no big deal as we got to party with them during the reception! I say definitely go for the Friday wedding, especially since it saves you money!

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