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For those of you who have done a DIY card box..

Lisa, on August 9, 2014 at 10:02 PM Posted in Do It Yourself 0 17
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Any tips or advice? What materials did you use? How did you do it? I want to start mine tomorrow and give it a shot, but I'm not too sure what to buy and use, mostly fabric vs spray paint, ribbons etc


  • A
    Super November 2014
    Alison ·

    I went to Michaels and got my supplies. There are summer boxes on sale right now which I covered up using some fancy "scrapbook" paper which is like 30 cents a sheet. I don't have a picture as I'm not quite done with it yet!

  • Mrs.Matthews
    Master January 2015
    Mrs.Matthews ·

    I made two one for my wedding one for a friends. The blue I used scrapbook paper,the pink and green I used fabric.

  • Mrs. Holmes
    Expert November 2014
    Mrs. Holmes ·

    I found a burlap covered box from Michaels for $6 and just added some ribbon and the chalkboard plaque was only 30 cents. I am going to use an exacto knife to slit the hole in the top.

  • Mrs. Holmes
    Expert November 2014
    Mrs. Holmes ·

    I found a burlap covered box from Michaels for $6 and just added some ribbon and the chalkboard plaque was only 30 cents. I am going to use an exacto knife to slit the hole in the top.

  • Ashley
    Super February 2015
    Ashley ·

    I tried fabric and didn't like the look of it so I spray painted it silver and put ribbon around it .. Here's mine

  • Macie
    Devoted October 2014
    Macie ·

    I bought the wooden crate at Walmart for like $8. I made the burlap sign myself using glue & glitter. Glued the flowers on to match the rest of my decor. Still adding more to it. I'm also going to add somewhere that the crate is for gifts as well because it is so big. Lol

  • Della
    VIP July 2015
    Della ·

    I've helped make three. We've used shoeboxes and boxes from Michaels. The shoeboxes we used wrapping paper and scrapbook. We used paint on the boxes from Michaels. Personally I enjoyed using the scrapbook paper the best. The wrapping paper was for a holiday themed wedding so it worked, but it was annoying to get right with folding/cutting . The paint was fine, it went with their theme well, but we had to do a lot of coats on the boxes, which was completely due to the type of box we bought instead of the paint. THe scrapbook paper was easiest because cutting and gluing it was easy and no extra coats were needed.

  • Happy In Hawaii
    Master July 2015
    Happy In Hawaii ·

    I used fabric for mine and used that spray on elmers glue. It worked really well to get the fabric really flat, I was concerned of getting bubbles from glue but that was perfect. Make sure to put some newspapers down though, it gets all over.

    I used a box I had laying around plus the shoebox my wedding shoes came in. I couldn't find the paper machet boxes in the whole state of Hawaii and didn't feel like ordering them. The bottom box doesn't have a lid but the top one is a shoe box and it does have a lid so at the end I won't have to ruin the box to get the cards out.

    The only problem with the fabric is that the lid was really difficult to get on because the extra fabric makes it fit a lot more snug. So don't use a thick fabric. Make sure to get a decent exacto knife to cut the hole in the box, the shoebox I had was pretty thick, definitely wouldn't have worked with scissors. Let me know if you have other questions!

  • *
    Master September 2014
    *Rigby* ·

    I ordered paper mache boxes from Amazon, Used a straight razor to cut the holes in the boxes, Hot glued them together, spray painted them black, Used hot glue again to put on the ribbon. Boom done in about an hour :-) I'm on phone now, I'll post a pic tomorrow

  • KimS
    Master September 2014
    KimS ·

    So, stupid question for you, Happy In Hawaii - since you don't have a bottom lid on that box how does the top one not sink in to it? I might be totally overthinking this one. Hahah!

  • Sandra
    VIP July 2014
    Sandra ·

    I got a basket and made my own bows from navy ribbon. super glued them and went to hobby lobby where they have letters. I hot glued the word cards to the navy ribbon. turned out great if you ask me. i did all this they day before.

  • MrsOJ
    VIP May 2015
    MrsOJ ·

    I bought the three tier paper Mache boxes from Michael's then I bought grey acrylic paint. Not done with it. I bought purple for the lids and will add some bling to it and a card sign. Here it is unfinished.

  • S
    Savvy June 2015
    SoonToBeMrs! ·

    We had a beach theme, so my MIL picked up a wooden box from TXMaxx or something, and put some dark brown netting and starfish around the box. It was lovely. It looked a bit like a lobster trap.

  • *
    Master September 2014
    *Rigby* ·

    Arts and craft time used to make me cry in school. I am not crafty at all and so for me to be able to do this was a huge feat for me!! Here is mine

  • L
    VIP September 2015
    Lisa ·

    These are all so pretty!!

  • N
    Master September 2014
    Now I'm Mrs_M ·

    I used lace and burlap type ribbon for the box for my shower, and then for the wedding cage, I used burlap type ribbon, succulents, cardstock and twine.

  • OregonEmily
    Master August 2014
    OregonEmily ·

    A different route for a card box. Not the best for security purposes, but good for an intimate wedding! (Totally plugging myself; this is available for sale on WW Bride-2-Bride facebook page!)

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