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First dance help!

Ceelie , on March 19, 2019 at 10:08 AM Posted in Wedding Reception 0 8

Hey everyone! I'm looking for some inspiration for our first dance. FH and I are both open minded, but don't know if we should do a slow dance or something fun and more "out there." I've seen some couples do a cool choreographed dance that ends up coming out really impressive. Neither of us are dancers but we're quick learners. Should we stay traditional and do a slow dance or do something with a more outgoing approach?


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  • Porterpoppin
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    We decided instead of a super slow dance that we’re doing something that’s a little more upbeat but still a love song. We’re using Ella Mai & John Legend-Everything. I’m not one for choreographed dances lol but I do think they’re cute! You could start off with a slow song and then surprise everyone with a faster song partway through the slow dance
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  • Mandy
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    What genres of music do you like? We're doing a slow song because neither of us are dancers - and none of our wedding party is. I don't want them to feel awkward trying to dance with us for entertainment.

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  • Amanda
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    We are doing a self coreographed dance slow song but I think it also depends on when in your timeline you are choosing to do your dance. If it is close to when you want to start dancing or in the middle of the dancing, etc. then having it at least end in a fun uplifting way may get people excited to start dancing or join you guys after! You can do half a song slow and romantic and then half a fun song
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  • Summerbride77
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    We’re taking lessons. I grew up taking dance, so my FH agreed to take ballroom with me (it’s so much fun!). We’re doing a choreographed waltz to The Rainbow Connection
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  • HayMrsO
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    I always thought it would be really cute to dance to "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" by Frankie Valli. Start off regular slow dance and then just bust out some moves during the chorus. Since my husband and I both have 2 left feet, a choreographed dance was not in the cards for us.

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  • Jennifer
    Just Said Yes November 2020
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    Ahh! I have the same idea! Would you mind sharing your first dance video? Smiley love

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  • Karla
    Super February 2020
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    We did this— we did a slow dance first that moved into a faster Remix version of the song. I don’t have the video of the dance from the wedding, but do have one from our practices if ya want to see!
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  • S
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    Do you! Slow dance and have people join part way so not everyone is staring and he can step on your feet without shame. Or go crazy and do the worm or robot. Whatever you feel comfortable about or skip it entirely there’s no rule saying you have to dance for the full 4mins together or even at all. Make it a reflection of you and your relationship.
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