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Favorite couples holiday activity?

Clíodhna, on December 23, 2019 at 10:05 AM Posted in Community Conversations 0 33

The holiday season brings with it a whole host of fun activities; winter sports (sledding, skiing, etc), ice skating, cozy nights in, checking out holiday lights, baking and cooking!

What is you and your fiancé(e)’s favorite holiday activity to do together?


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Latest activity by Emilia, on July 13, 2021 at 12:38 PM
  • Caytlyn
    Legend November 2019
    Caytlyn ·
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    We love going to the Christmas lights at the zoo!

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  • Kelsey
    VIP September 2020
    Kelsey ·
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    We both love The Santa Clause movies with Tim Allen so we like to binge watch those.

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  • Danielle
    Devoted May 2021
    Danielle ·
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    Christmas light hunting.... we drive around and look at everyone’s Christmas lights!
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  • Blair
    Super June 2021
    Blair ·
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    Christmas PJ parties. We love to dress in matching pajamas.

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  • Allie
    VIP November 2021
    Allie ·
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    He doesn’t love Christmas, but I do. My absolute favorite is always going to cut down the tree together and then decorating! He’s always a good sport because he knows how much I love it.
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  • Taylor
    VIP October 2020
    Taylor ·
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    We like watching a good movie with a bottle of wineSmiley smile

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  • Tori
    Devoted October 2021
    Tori ·
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    The past two years we've gone to see the lights at the zoo. They're awesome! And they serve boozy hot chocolate.

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  • Katie
    Dedicated May 2020
    Katie ·
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    Decorating the tree and then when it’s done we sing The Who song that they sing in the movie around the Christmas tree with the lights off and drink hot cocoa.
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  • Soni
    Dedicated February 2020
    Soni ·
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    It's holiday lights for us.

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  • Meghan
    Master October 2019
    Meghan ·
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    We like to go look at Christmas lights at the light festival near where we live.

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  • Alisia
    Savvy November 2020
    Alisia ·
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    Spending time with our family.
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  • Erin
    VIP September 2023
    Erin ·
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    I like ice skating, but when I ask to go my FH insists that we've gone before (3 years ago), so we don't need to go again xD We usually sit on the couch, snuggled under a blanket and watch tv.

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  • Jasmine
    Master August 2021
    Jasmine ·
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    We usually just watch movies. We do want to learn how to snowboard though.
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  • Kerri
    Savvy April 2022
    Kerri ·
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    I loved baking this year we made a mess and then had a great time cleaning it all up! My FH is amazing!

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  • Emily
    Super April 2020
    Emily ·
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    We love Christmas lights hunting!

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  • Ashley
    Devoted July 2021
    Ashley ·
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    We love spending nights in watching Christmas movies. He also is really good at helping me with my holiday baking.

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  • Brianna
    Devoted April 2025
    Brianna ·
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    Back in 2016, I took him ice skating for the first time and he enjoyed it. I love doing it at least once a year 😊
    Who doesn't like cozy nights in? We practically do that almost every day haha.
    He knows I love seeing the Christmas lights so on certain days we'll go and drive around.Speaking of baking, we plan on making a gingerbread house and some cookies this year. I love baking with him ❤
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  • Lauren
    VIP February 2020
    Lauren ·
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    I LOVE going to all of the Christmas festivals with vendors. We, also, love watching Christmas movies & looking at Christmas lights.
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  • Melle
    Legend June 2019
    Melle ·
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    Seeing Xmas lights together
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  • Cyndy
    Rockstar May 2019
    Cyndy ·
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    We love to take the kids to Philadelphia to the Christmas market and ice skating then we spend a few nights riding around looking for lights and listening to Christmas music.
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