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Far away Venue

Mirian, on February 3, 2020 at 10:22 AM Posted in Etiquette and Advice 0 3
Me and my fiancé visited a Venue that is 1:30 hours away from my house and we really enjoyed it since it has everything we are looking for and the price is also very good compared to other ones. We are considering book it for our big day but I have some worries about that.
My fiancé family and friends live in another state so they will probably stay in a hotel close to the Venue but I don’t know how they would do to het their hair and make up done. Any similar situation? Is 1:30 too far away?


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  • Taylor
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    Our venue is an hour and a half away from us too. I don't see why this would be an issue. Are they guests or in the wedding? As a guest, I would do my own. If they're in the wedding, they can get it done in the bridal suite or I'm sure they could go into a salon.

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  • Kari
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    We've had friends do this and it works out just fine. Typically those who need to be more involved in the wedding will show up really early day of or the night before, so that would give them time to get their hair and makeup done locally with a stylist close to your venue if needed.

    Have you thought about where you and your FH will be staying and what you want to do for a rehearsal yet? If you want to do your rehearsal on site, you and your FH and most of your most important people (anyone in the wedding) will end up booking the night before the wedding and night of the wedding at a hotel or local AirBnB, so that gives plenty of time for styling since they will not be traveling that day. I would definitely NOT suggest driving 1.5 hours back home after your own wedding.

    Keep in mind if you have a venue 1.5 hours away, that will mean you will be looking at vendors outside of your "home area" so will probably be doing some traveling to find a stylist you like, do food tastings, meet a photographer, musicians, etc prior to your big day. Every couple does it differently, but we'll probably visit our venue at least half a dozen times before our actual wedding just to plan and sort things out, and since our venue is only 25 minutes from our home it has been much easier for us to find other vendors because its easier to get recommendations in an area you are familiar with vs one you don't know as well. Just things to consider as you decide where you want to have your big day.

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  • Sarah
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    Some hotels have salons. I typically only get my HMU professionally done when I’m a member of the wedding party, though. Guests typically do their own.
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