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Eloping in Missouri but wedding in ks

Tiffany, on August 23, 2019 at 9:26 AM Posted in Missouri Planning 1 1
How do we elope then have our big wedding at scheduled time? We live in Missouri but having the big wedding in KS (pictured save the date) so it would be cheaper to do it this way....but how would ws do it

Eloping in Missouri but wedding in ks 1


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    Hey there Tiffany!

    Will July 4th 2020 be your big wedding celebration? If so, it may be best to change the language on your STD to let guests know that you will be already married and this is a celebration of that. The current text “..are getting married” may confuse your guests!

    If you would like to recite vows at the celebration in KS, you could do a vow renewal! If you just want to host a celebration reception, you can do this. It all depends on what you and your FS would like to do!

    What part of the planning are you wondering how to do?

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