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doc Budget!

Kari, on August 23, 2019 at 8:28 PM Posted in Planning 0 18
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Hi Ladies!

My venue requires me to hire a DOC, I contacted one of their preferred planners and they are asking me my overall event budget and planning budget. I honestly need it to be as low as possible so I can get the photographer I want, so what are some of you paying for yours?

I am scared to go too low but I have seen prices all over the board for this! It is just for the day of, no additional planning. I am getting married in Miami if that helps!



  • Chandra
    Master May 2019
    Chandra ·
    Our DOC cost $500 for her service.
  • Kari
    Beginner October 2020
    Kari ·
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    Omg! that's amazing, I've gotten one quote so far and she wants $1,500 + $250 (includes travel/food from Tampa to Miami) + her hotel for two nights

  • A
    Expert August 2019
    Ami ·
    I had quotes from 800 to 3500! We went with the cheapest, 800, and she was FANTASTIC! With that being said, 800 was a steal for our area (California). Just make sure you k ow what they come with. Do they have a limit on how many conversations they have with you? Do you have to wait until the month of the wedding to start contacting them? Also, a big one for me was that our DOC had done many weddings at our venu....her experience with the venue was invaluable!
  • Kari
    Beginner October 2020
    Kari ·
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    Thats amazing! I'm glad you got that steal!!

    Oh wow okay, those are good questions to ask, they did not mention a limit, and the one quote I've gotten starts 30 days out. The one I'm looking into starts 60 days out and has worked at my venue, they are on the preferred vendor list but I just looked at their page on here and it says starting price for DOC is $2,000 so that's a big NOPE! haha

  • Samantha
    Expert October 2020
    Samantha ·
    I’ve seen a range of $800 to $3000 in my area. If we go that route, we’ll be sticking with the $800 candidate.
  • Caytlyn
    Champion November 2019
    Caytlyn ·
    We’re paying $1300 for our DOC and two assistants.
  • Marissa
    Dedicated October 2019
    Marissa ·
    Mine is 600! It was 1,000 but she lowered the cost (I’m not sure if it was because I’ve done so much on my own or if she just overall lowered the cost)
  • Michelle
    Rockstar December 2019
    Michelle ·

    We paid $450 for ours but several of the ones I looked at charged $1500-$2500 ugghhh

  • Marné
    Savvy February 2020
    Marné ·
    Our DOC was 550. She's recently raised her price to 850.
  • Kari
    Beginner October 2020
    Kari ·

    Thank you guys so much!

    I'm getting more quotes in now and they are so much lower than the original one I got. I've found one with really good reviews & a deal going on right now for $500!

  • Meghan
    Dedicated April 2020
    Meghan ·
    Ours usually charges $1,200 but she cut us a little bit of a deal because we had hired a photographer she has worked with before which she says makes the day run smoother and makes it easier. She ended up charging $1,000 for the day.
  • Izzy
    Devoted April 2021
    Izzy ·
    Hi! I’m hiring ours for 1800 because our venue requires a DOC and it is a destination wedding! But I’ve seen prices up to 4000!! Craziness
  • Chloe
    Devoted October 2020
    Chloe ·
    We hired our DOC for $650 which was a great deal. We had quotes from $900 to $1500 before we found her!
  • I
    Beginner March 2020
    Isidora ·

    Ours is about $1200, but discounted as she's a preferred vendor for our venue.

  • Danielle
    Devoted October 2019
    Danielle ·
    I got quotes ranging from $1800-$4500 in Philadelphia. We found someone on the lower end who has been fantastic. She’ll answer emails anytime before the wedding, then you get two meetings with her, and then she’s there from when the bride dresses to when plates are cleared from dinner. We scheduled our last meeting with her at our final walkthrough at the venue. She’s worked with our venue before but we think the walkthrough will help get everyone on the same page before the wedding.
  • E
    Dedicated November 2019
    Emily ·
    Look on the knot and on wedding wire for DOC and see who has good ratings and a low price
  • Lisa
    Devoted October 2020
    Lisa ·
    My venue doesn’t require one but I’m thinking of getting one myself since I’m having a destination wedding. Good luck with finding someone! I’m sure you’ll make the best decision.
  • Selena
    Super September 2019
    Selena ·
    We had a partial planning package with doc and month of coordinating. It was $1500 in Denver. I think about half was the doc (30 days out) coordinating

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