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David's Bridal ship estimations

Nicole, on January 14, 2017 at 2:01 PM Posted in Wedding Attire 0 34
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Hey everyone. My girls are starting to get their dresses. I picked Horizon from David's Bridal and chiffon fabric, and they get to pick their dress. My first two girls already ordered, and one dress is saying it won't come until 5 days before the wedding. Luckily, she won't need alts. The sample fit her perfectly. I've seen some feedback on David's bridal estimated time lines that they're excessive and over-estimated. I'd like to hear from people who got BM dresses at DB. We're the ship times accurate or did they really come a lot earlier than estimated?


  • Brittany
    Expert June 2017
    Brittany ·

    I got horizon dresses from DB. They came a lot quicker!!! The girls got theirs in less than 2 weeks. I got mine super early though and they are probably super busy now with wedding season coming up but I think they will arrive a lot faster.

  • Nicole
    VIP June 2017
    Nicole ·

    How long ago did you get yours?

  • LastJuneBride
    Super June 2018
    LastJuneBride ·

    Mine came in a 2 weeks. I'm in the Philly suburbs. The bridesmaids in Puerto Rico had to wait longer.

  • Nicole
    VIP June 2017
    Nicole ·

    That makes sense.

  • NewlyMrsLachney
    Master September 2017
    NewlyMrsLachney ·

    My girls ordered in November and all had their dresses by late December.

  • Brittany
    VIP May 2017
    Brittany ·

    I ordered my wedding dress and it came in less then 2 weeks.

  • OG Kristen
    Master October 2015
    OG Kristen ·

    It depends. My wedding dress came in within 3 weeks when they said it would be at least 6-8. I'm a BM in my cousin's wedding this summer and they said our dresses would take 4 months to come in. I didn't believe them because nothing has ever taken as long as they said, but it actually did take the entire 4 months. I would count on what they tell you just in case, but usually it's sooner.

  • SEF
    Dedicated August 2016
    SEF ·

    My girls ordered Vera wang dresses from DB in horizon. I found that shipping estimates were all over the place but were pretty accurate. One of my bridesmaids ordered in February and was told the dress would get in 2 days before my wedding. She ended up getting the dress 5 days before the wedding, so it ended up being accurate.

  • Che
    Super June 2017
    Che ·

    My BM ordered this dress in Nov we still waiting they told her March

  • CMC
    Master November 2016
    CMC ·

    My BM's dresses came in a lot earlier than they said they would..

  • Brittany
    Expert June 2017
    Brittany ·

    I got mine in september because i wanted to do it before all the holiday craziness started.

  • Miami2NorthernVA
    Master November 2017
    Miami2NorthernVA ·

    My estimate was 4-6 weeks for my wedding dress and it came in 1 week.

  • Nicole
    VIP June 2017
    Nicole ·

    It sounds like more often than not it's way earlier, but it still makes me nervous because it might not.

  • Jennifer
    Expert May 2017
    Jennifer ·

    I think it depends on the time of year, the style, and the color. If it's a slower time of year and you pick a color and style that isn't in too high of demand you may get it sooner.

  • kbb
    VIP October 2016
    kbb ·

    I've gotten two bridesmaid dresses from DB and my wedding dress from there and both were ready to be picked up within two weeks.

  • Jamie
    Master May 2017
    Jamie ·

    Wedding dress came in 1 day early. Bridesmaids dress and flower girl dresses came in early. Jr bridesmaid dress just got pushed back another month.

  • SheSaidSherman
    Expert June 2017
    SheSaidSherman ·

    My BM's ordered theirs in late November and no one has their dress yet. They were quoted 8-10 weeks I believe.

  • Mrs.Whooooo
    Master May 2017
    Mrs.Whooooo ·

    Heads up as well: just because the sample fit doesn't mean the dress that is ordered will. Samples stretch out because so many people try them on

  • MrsSchaub2017
    Expert July 2017
    MrsSchaub2017 ·

    I ordered my wedding dress in late November and they told me it won't be in till the end of march

  • Jackie
    Expert May 2017
    Jackie ·

    I was a bridesmaid for a wedding in October. We went dress shopping last March. They told us the dresses would be in mid August. I picked it up in the beginning of July.

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