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David's Bridal Experience. Is this normal?

Zoe O., on March 4, 2019 at 12:51 PM Posted in Style and Décor 0 27
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This past weekend, my mom and I went out shopping for her mother of the bride dress. Typically, we're not a fan of chain bridal stores, but we saw that David's Bridal was having a sale, so we stopped in. When we arrived, we were asked what we were shopping for and the salesperson pointed us to the appropriate area then walked off. In the 30 or so minutes we browsed, not one employee came by to ask how we were doing or if we needed any help. After we picked out what my mom wanted to try, we we got a dressing room, she tried them on and work them out to the mirrored area to get a better look. Again, no employees approached us or checked on us. We ultimately decided to try a few other places for several reasons, but the whole experience left a bad taste in our mouth. Maybe we've gotten an inaccurate impression from movies and TV, but we thought bridal stores were supposed to be accommodating and all about making the bride, her attendants, and family feel welcomed and valued. Hell, I thought for sure, they'd at least ask questions and check in on us in hopes of making a bigger sale. For all they knew, I didn't have a dress for myself or the bridesmaids, but I don't think they could have cared less. They didn't even ask if I was the bride.

Is this pretty typical of bridal stores or David's Bridal as a chain? Am I out of line for being a little miffed about the lack of attention from the sales team?

We ended up stopping by another boutique down the street. That particular store only carried bridal gowns so there wasn't anything there for mom, but the saleswoman at least took a moment to ask if there was anything I needed and wished us luck on our search as we left.


  • Abby
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    Abby ·
    They may have all been busy. Typically for stores like David's Bridal you would schedule an appointment ahead of time. That way you would have a consultant all to yourself who would help you through the whole process.
  • Caytlyn
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    Caytlyn Online ·

    I'm not a big David's Bridal fan either, but in their defense, most bridal shops are super busy on weekends and typically take appointments. The consultants were likely helping brides select their gowns instead of taking time out of their appointments for a MOB dress. I understand it's annoying, but the brides were their priority.

  • Zoe O.
    Devoted November 2019
    Zoe O. ·

    See, if the store was busy or there had been a shortage of staff, I totally would have gotten it but they weren't. There were several employees standing around chatting together. I saw maybe 3 other groups on the sales floor but they weren't getting any attention either. There was one bride with a sectioned off space for her fittings and a consultant working with her. In general, it just kind of seemed like poor customer service regardless.

  • Brittany
    Dedicated September 2019
    Brittany ·
    That seems to be a typical David’s experience but not a typical bridal store experience by any means. I work in a bridal store and we have countless women come in who have stories like this, or worse, from David’s. I had a girl start crying telling me about her experience at David’s because she was a plus size bride and they told her to not even bother looking around because of her size. I have girls tell me constantly that no one helped them or even greeted them.

    A typical bridal store experience will have someone staying with you, talking to you, helping you pick dresses, and helping you try them on. They should be with your from beginning to end. Even if the store is busy. We had 6 brides in our store yesterday at the same time and only 4 of us working but each girl got attention and help throughout the entire process. Being busy can make it a less one-on-one experience but we don’t use it as an excuse to ignore any customers completely. David’s doesn’t seem to have great standards for their customer service.
  • Tiffany
    Beginner July 2020
    Tiffany ·
    That’s one reason I don’t want to do business with them. Same thing happened to me when I was looking for my colors.
  • Allie
    Rockstar August 2019
    Allie ·

    Maybe that's the case if you're a walk-in. I had a totally different experience because I scheduled an appointment. I had my own stylist who picked things out, got me appropriate undergarments, and helped me in and out of dresses. Good experience overall.

  • Lizbeth
    Devoted July 2019
    Lizbeth ·
    I got my dress from David's. The first time I went to the city and I felt pressured.
    The 2nd time I went to a different location and the consultant was amazing
  • Maureen
    Dedicated March 2020
    Maureen ·

    I got my dress there, but had an appointment so I had someone with me the whole time. I noticed a difference from when I went as a bridesmaid about 1.5 years ago to now. They almost went bankrupt and closed and I think some employees quit in fear of not having a job. Plus it is Prom season, so that added into the mayhem in my store.

    I would say they do seem to have lost a lack of urgency that they seemed to have before. Typically most retail stores you go into never leave you alone for a possible $20 sale, whereas wedding dresses tend to be hundreds, which is weird that they never once asked how you were doing.

  • Saraí
    April 2019
    Saraí ·
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    Same here, I had a great experience overall as well. I say always book appointments if you want to avoid the lack of customer service.

  • FutureMrsKC
    Master January 2019
    FutureMrsKC ·

    Davids Bridal wasn't great in the multiple times I had to go to the store. Honestly, I don't recommend them if you want a great experience but I do recommend them if you want a budget dress. I got my wedding dress at Davids and was soooo not happy with my experience as a bride. It was awful. But, I found a beautiful dress for a great price and I couldn't afford a boutique dress so I sucked it up and moved on.

    When I went in with my mom for a dress we also had little to no help and we got stuck in a tiny corner room to try things on. My mom loved a dress but decided to keep looking. We went to J.C. Pennys next, and my mom found THE SAME DRESS that she loved at Davids Bridal for $60 cheaper. She bought it at J.C. Pennys and used a 25% off coupon as well.

    I'll never go back to Davids unless I really have to for something.

  • Allie
    Rockstar August 2019
    Allie ·
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    I think a lot of people who aren't engaged go try on dresses just for fun so making an appointment definitely helps make them realize you're close to purchasing a dress. Unfortunately, "just looking" doesn't motivate sales people to help you.

  • Danielle K
    VIP June 2019
    Danielle K ·

    You are not out of line but I think they could have been busy especially if you didn't have an appointment and also I think it is dependent on the location. I have heard a lot of people have issues with DB but the one closest to me (about 30 minutes away) is awesome. I have never had a bad experience

  • Mariangeli
    Devoted October 2019
    Mariangeli ·

    I went to try on dresses at David's and it was the worst. The consultant had no clue what she was doing, and just repeatedly kept asking me to "rank the dress between 1 and 10". Literally the second I stepped infront of a mirror she would ask. never helped me in or out any dress. When i tried on one that was too big, she started to pin the dress on my SIDES instead of my back! Like huh?? My mom had to take the clips from her and do it herself! Then the second I showed interest in a dress she would ask "are you saying yes to this dress?" like no lady, I haven't even had this dress on for a full minute, calm down!

  • Zoe O.
    Devoted November 2019
    Zoe O. ·
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    Similar experiences are what tinted my view of David's Bridal before I even went in. I am a seamstress and I have had many plus size brides come to me after having negative experiences while shopping. I think one of the things that got to me about this experience was seeing my mom getting frustrated by the whole deal. She has been turned away or treated differently at many stores for being plus size. Since I am making my own dress and handling a lot of my wedding myself, my mother is adamant that she take control of hers and doesn't want me to worry about making her one.

  • Alycia
    Devoted April 2020
    Alycia ·
    Last year me and my bff went shopping for bridesmaid dresses without the Bride. We had an appointment and went on a weekday and the service was really good.

    Maybe they were busy with brides, where they make the most money.
  • Destiny
    Rockstar May 2020
    Destiny ·
    For whatever reason db doesnt seem to care to much when its not a bride or bridesmaid.
  • Xiomi
    April 2019
    Xiomi ·
    I’m so sorry you went through that experience. Probably was that store, dfinitely BAD customer service. I’ve been to 3 different DB stores with and without appointment. Went 1st with no appointment, store was full and every 10 min had someone asking if I needed help, giving suggestions, etc. 2nd was looking for my dress, with appointment. Same experience. 3rd was with with no appointment, just remembered last minute that had to buy the undergarments. They told me where to go, a sales lady came by like 5 min after and was with her the whole time. Store was like a Black Friday, but they were super accommodating and nice.
  • Rachel
    Super July 2019
    Rachel ·
    The few times I’ve gone to David’s for BM dresses I never expected them to really help me so I wasn’t put off by it. I knew I didn’t have an appointment and I’m the kind of person to look for someone if I want help or opinions so it didn’t bug me.
  • Martelle
    Devoted July 2019
    Martelle ·

    During my time for a wedding dress, they gave me as much attention as I was looking for and was very helpful.

    2nd time with Bridesmaids- Less helpful. All of the girls tried on different styles and I could tell the consultant lady was irritated with that fact, but WhoTFCares?!

    3rd time, I scheduled another appointment (at a different Davids' bridal) with one of my bridesmaids to find a dress and we met our consultant and that was that. She didn't help us out at all, it was me going over to the racks finding dresses and picking them according to what my friend was trying on. When we were about to check out is when the consultant came over, we just walked right by. Didn't need any help from her at that point!

  • Cristy
    Rockstar May 2020
    Cristy ·
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    This has been my experience as well. I've read lots of horror stories about DB, but I had the best experience there!!

    Having said that, I believe the location makes a huge difference. Good customer service starts at the top, so anyplace that has bad customer service probably has a bad store manager. The DB location near me is on top of things always. Also, they are really busy every time I've gone in there, so they always recommend making an appointment, whether for a bridal gown, MOB attire or BM dresses.

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