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Dance Lessons- how far in advance?

klimberkat, on June 24, 2015 at 11:46 PM Posted in Planning 0 16
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FH really wants to take dance lessons (partly because he's a romantic sweet heart, partly because he knows I can't follow to save my life). We're a little over a year out from the wedding, and I'm curious, when other people took their lessons if they did them. I'm thinking of a package of no more than 5 classes since we're both super busy, a commitment of anything more would be tough. I want to make sure we remember what we learned, but I also want to make sure I'm not scrambling to fit them in during crunch time.



  • Futuremrsplummer
    Super September 2015
    Futuremrsplummer ·

    We're taking a 6 session class right now, our wedding is in September. I called the instructor and she advised us to practice a lot at home in between classes. She seems confident that we will be great by the time our wedding is here. Our 3rd lesson is tomorrow, and we've been getting more comfortable with the steps at home. We are considering signing up for more lessons if needed.

  • Lawmom
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    Lawmom ·

    We started in March for our June wedding. We took a total of 9 classes and got a nice cheorgraphed Rumba that was a hit at our reception.

  • kalamityjen
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    kalamityjen ·

    We took ours in May for our August 1st wedding. It was 6 lessons at the local rec center. We've been practicing once or twice a week and so far we're still remembering all the steps! We had so much fun we may sign up for more classes after the wedding!

  • klimberkat
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    klimberkat ·

    Ok, so it sounds like 3 months is good. Thanks guys! I'll make a note in my check list to set up the lessons next Spring-early summer, and keep an eye out for Groupons in the Spring. Thanks!

  • Julia
    Super March 2016
    Julia ·

    Depends on if you want a routine or really want to learn how to dance. If you want a routine, a few weeks is fine. If you want to be able to dance to more than just that one song, you can't start too early. I'd say 3 months at least. Then again most guests will be impressed if he can throw in a turn.

  • Kris
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    Kris ·

    Were taking 8 private lessons. We had our first one Saturday, and we're 16 weeks out.

  • Danielle
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    Danielle ·

    I wish FH would take lessons. So jealous!

  • klimberkat
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    klimberkat ·

    No routine, we just want to do more than the middle school shuffle with everyone staring at us. Due to other things (FH turns 40 in May and I have a big trip for my Girl Scout troop in June) I'll try to get started in early spring for an Aug wedding. I'm really excited, I love dancing, I'm just horrible at being led. :-)

  • MrsZ
    Devoted June 2015
    MrsZ ·

    We took 3 classes exactly one week before our wedding!! haha. We had so much going on, and didn't want them to be too far out. At first, it added a little extra stress, but we had so much fun in the class that it was a nice little break from other wedding stress. We just learned a step to do the slow dance, and that was plenty. (3 45 min classes)

    We did classes for the same reason as you, I hate that awkward shuffle. I felt like a princess being led by my (slightly clumsy) prince charming... hehe

  • they/them pigeon
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    they/them pigeon ·

    @klimberkat -- I both lead and follow so when I'm having trouble just listening to what the lead is telling me to do, I find it really helps to either close my eyes so I can better focus on just physical cues or look at the lead's left shoulder if we're dancing Argentine tango. You definitely couldn't get away with the shoulder trick in ballroom frame, IDK about other Latin frames.

  • purplekitten
    Master October 2015
    purplekitten ·

    We took our first dance class last night. We're getting married in October. The other couples in the class were all getting married next month or in August. That makes me think we chose to go too early.

  • they/them pigeon
    VIP January 2016
    they/them pigeon ·

    @PK -- just be sure to practice at home when you're done with your lessons and you'll look better on the dance floor than all those other couples *g*

  • klimberkat
    VIP August 2016
    klimberkat ·

    Thanks for the advice Kay!

  • K
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    Kirill ·

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  • jnsangel4life
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    jnsangel4life ·

    EXCELLENT QUESTION!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad you asked as I have not thought to ask it here! We can't dance to save our lives and we want lessons too - we are getting married in May. Judging by what I read here, we should really get on it!

  • Emily
    Just Said Yes May 2019
    Emily ·

    It might depend on the routine and the dance type you chose. My fiance and I are on our 6th session already, and we are very much enjoying the lesson.

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