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Ashton, on April 20, 2020 at 1:57 PM Posted in Wedding Ceremony 0 2

Hello Brides!

Who would have that that COVID-19 would be happening right now? Smiley sad

I need some advice...

Our wedding is planned right now for May 23rd of this year. We have held off on postponing right now, but it's becoming clear that we may need to reschedule. My FH and I have been together for 8 years and did not want to live together until married, so we aren't wanting to wait any longer to get married. We are thinking about having a very small ceremony with immediate family on our original date, and then having a bigger ceremony and celebration at a later date. There are just so many questions I have because we obviously didn't plan for or want it to be this way. Do I wear my wedding dress both times? Should we tell the guests that we are getting married? I just don't want getting married beforehand to take away from the big moments of the big ceremony. Any advice??


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    Hi wedding date twin! I am in the same boat as you!

    1) If you CAN wear your wedding dress both times, I say do it. Mine is unwearable as it is right now and no place is open for alterations, so I've been trying to get another one online, BUT if you have your dress, i say wear it both times. You wanted to get married in that dress. Do it! It won't make the second time less special.

    2) It would be a good call to let your loved ones know you are still planning to "elope" on your day. People understand, and would probably be a lot more hurt if they found out you kept something so big from them.

    3) Getting married is about you and your spouse. Yes, this is not how anyone imagined it. BUT imagine it this way: now you get the joy of having a ceremony that's you and your FH, intimate, meaningful, and soley centered on you two, rather than going through event after event and trying to make sure you are entertaining your guests.

    Feel free to PM me if you wanna chat! It's a strange time to get married, that's for certain.

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    Hi Ashton! This is all still so crazy and confusing for everyone, but I'm glad that you're already thinking through backup plans.

    This is all uncharted territory so you can really do whatever you'd like! I'd leap at the chance to wear my wedding dress again, so I definitely vote to wear yours twice. Smiley shame And I'd let your guests know your real plans. You don't have anything to hide, and they'll all be just as excited to celebrate with you when it can be done safely!

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