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Couples getting married on October 17, 2020 in Florida

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Yay! So awesome to have you guys with the same wedding date as me! I was literally just thinking yesterday if it rains a lot in October.... that’s my biggest fear cause I have An outside ceremony


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    Hi Paris!! Welcome to the community!! I can totally understand the fear of weather changing during your wedding, especially if it's outdoors. While you can't control the rain you can be prepared just in case! Do you have a wedding planner or day of coordinator? If so, it's best to talk with them and come up with a plan of action in case there is inclement weather. This could include moving things inside, providing umbrellas or having a tented area put up as a backup. Most venues will have a few options available in cases where rain, wind, or snow become an issue! Will your ceremony and reception be on the same property?

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    Hi Jayla! Thank you so much for the welcome! Unfortunately since I have sooo much time to plan for our wedding because it’s in 2020 and to cut down on costs, I did not hire a wedding planner! Although, I do believe the venue that I picked out offers a day of coordinator to help keep things from going south and it’s already included in our venue cost. And thankfully our ceremony and reception is at the same location so it’s super convenient!
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    What venue did you decide on? We are trying to find a venue that has it all in one on the beach
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    Hi I am so worried about the weather as well we are getting married at a ranch. Lucky for us we can move the wedding inside if we have to but this is not what I want. October is also so off for FL you also never know if it will be cold or hot. I am ordering program fans incase its hot and blankets in case it is cold lol. Have to love FL weather.

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