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Lorna, on October 14, 2021 at 9:15 PM Posted in Planning 1 3

Hi Everyone!!

Anyone else starting to have vivid "oh **** I forgot xyz" dreams?! We had a productive day today, but if I'm not working on the wedding, I feel like I'm falling behind.


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  • Isabel
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    Isabel ·
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    Hey, January 8th bestie! I got engaged late August and started planning mid September. I'm not a huge perfectionist or organizer or planner, and I promise you WILL forget stuff. But that's where Wedding Wire (I also use The Knot) comes in to save the day! Between the two wedding planning apps (I'd also highly recommend a wedding planning binder), there's really nothing you can forget. Don't forget to make the planning fun and exciting!

    Congrats on your engagement and hope your big day is AWESOME!!

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  • Lorna
    Just Said Yes January 2022
    Lorna ·
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    Hi!! Oh I have numerous binders and notebooks. I’ve been so organized on paper but my mind is going a mile a minute, so maybe that’s my issue. Haha time is just flying by! I have my first dress fitting Tuesday and I’m so excited! Congrats to you too!! Have an amazing day!
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  • A
    Just Said Yes January 2022
    Anneliese ·
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    Wedding date twins!! I constantly feel like I’m forgetting something! Doesn’t help that I’m moving cross country at the same time either so I’m super grateful for my coordinator keepig me on track
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