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Catholic Engaged Encounter

J, on September 13, 2010 at 2:15 PM Posted in Planning 0 14
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We went to Catholic Engaged Encounter this past weekend at it was so amazing! I recommend this retreat to anyone who is getting married, even if you are not Catholic. It's for everyone!

My fiancé and I had discussed everything before going to the retreat, but it just made us that much closer.

If you need any information or have any questions, please let me know.


  • Veronica
    Expert August 2011
    Veronica ·

    Thanks JM, I have been to a couple of retreats in the past, and I know that in itself can be an amazing experience... I can only imagine an engagement retreat... sounds like something I would be totally up for.

  • S
    Master February 2011
    Snif ·

    We are scheduled to go in December. I'm looking forward to it. Our friends did it last year before their wedding and really recommended it.

  • S
    Expert April 2011
    Stefanie ·

    It was deff a deep spirtual experience. I also feel that we became closer as well.

  • R
    Expert October 2011
    rosa ·

    Is this part of Precana? I love retreats!!

  • J
    Dedicated April 2011
    J ·

    Yes it is. I definitely recommend this over doing just the one day. Everyone tells me the one day is not as fun.

  • Mrs. Yady
    VIP November 2010
    Mrs. Yady ·

    We went too and I absolutely loved it! Although it was very long for me, up at 5am and then to bed at what felt to me like 11pm (it was 10pm).

  • Mrs Cupcake
    VIP January 2011
    Mrs Cupcake ·

    I wish I could have premartial counseling or do that retreat, BUT it is diffcult with a long distance FS in military

  • S
    Master February 2011
    Snif ·

    Oh wait, they make you get up at 5am? ack! lol.

  • R
    Expert October 2011
    rosa ·

    I was under the impression that Precana was a series of classes. so it's really one day" and you get the option of a one day retreat or a weekend retreat??? I'm so confused and I'm still waiting for the FH to give me a date we need to sign up 6months ahead

  • Miss Michal
    VIP February 2012
    Miss Michal ·

    In our diocese, we can choose pre-cana or EE. One is a series, the other is a weekend. We're leaning toward EE, and I'm really looking forward to it! We've already had a great time doing faith formation as FS goes through RCIA, so I think the Encounter will be fantastic.

  • 91810bride
    Devoted September 2010
    91810bride ·

    We went to the one day and it was not fun at all! In fact we thought that it was a waste of our time and money! We got nothing out of it! Everything that was talked about we had already talked about in much more detail than the speakers were even talking about. We were also very shocked that there were couples in there that were arguing about topics it seemed as if they had not talked about things at all!

    I am glad to hear though that others have had a great experience with the weekend retreat!

  • Kitty Katy
    Super May 2012
    Kitty Katy ·

    I can"t wait!!!

  • rachel
    Super March 2011
    rachel ·

    I have to do mine in feb, right before our wedding. his sister and cousin went this past year and loved it! so im looking forward to it!

  • J
    Dedicated April 2011
    J ·

    Most people that we've talked to who did the one day thought it was bad. I think the weekend was awesome and so many other couples share the same sentiment as we do. We didn't have to wake up at 5. we woke up at 7 and started the day at 8 with breakfast. We got a lot out of the weekend. Even though we'd already talked about everything it still left us feeling spiritually close to each other.

    We love writing and reading our bethrothals to each other. We're going to use this as our vows on our wedding day.

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