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Catholic Ceremony - Unity Ceremony

Brittany, on October 11, 2019 at 6:13 PM Posted in Wedding Ceremony 0 4
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We are having a Catholic mass for our ceremony. We thought we would have the unity cross ceremony at the church, but the church won't make an exception for this. They only allow the unity candle, which we don't really want to do. How many of you are still doing unity ceremonies? I feel like the Catholic mass is really the "unity ceremony" anyhow. So, is it that important to have an object represent our union? If we wanted to do the unity ceremony with the unity cross, who do we have read the script? Where do we present the ceremony? Any and all advice on unity ceremonies is welcome and appreciated!!!


  • 2d Bride
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    It is my impression that typically, the unity ceremony is just to fill out what would otherwise be a very short ceremony. Since the whole ceremony is about unity, it isn't really necessary. And if you're having a Catholic mass, the ceremony will already be long enough.

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  • Anna
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    I agree with pp. A mass can go longer than an hour, depending on the homily and the readings. I am also having a catholic mass and hadn't even considered this cause i know it isnt possible.

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    We were married in a Catholic Church. Our church considered the wedding ceremony to be a unity ceremony, so there was not an option to include any other unity component like a candle or anything. Our church provided very clear instructions on the components of our ceremony and our options for each part of the service. We didn’t do a full mass, and I think our ceremony was a perfect length.
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    Hey there, Brittany Smiley smile

    If the church won’t allow you to do the unity ceremony (other than the actual ceremony and candle), do you still think they will allow you to do one with someone else doing the script? They may not allow it in the actual church, even with a third party doing it. It may be best to check with them before planning anything. If they are ok with it, they should advise what part of the ceremony you can do it.

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