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Cant pick a date for the big day...

Sharon, on January 1, 2020 at 1:29 AM Posted in Planning 0 16
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Hi everyone! My so and I just got engaged a few days ago, and we are rushing into planning Smiley smile

We can't seem to agree on the month. We would move to have a wedding in 2020 in Seattle. I am aiming for September but my fiance thinks I'm rushing and that 9 months isn't enough time to plan.
Thoughts?? Have you had to plan with only 9 months? If so, how was it?


Latest activity by Danica, on January 2, 2020 at 6:53 AM
  • Emily
    Devoted May 2021
    Emily ·
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    We only have 9 months in planning and I’m not stressed at all!
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  • Destiny
    VIP May 2020
    Destiny ·
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    Id start looking for venues first off to see whats available and when
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  • Pirate & 60s Bride
    Legend March 2017
    Pirate & 60s Bride ·
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    It’s tight but doable. But Sept & Oct are the most popular months for venues. After you set your budget & estimate your guest list, see which venues you like are available.
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  • A
    Super February 2020
    Andrea ·
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    Mine will be about 9 months from when we started planning. Officially engaged (when he gave me a ring) is only 5 months.

    We don’t have a huge wedding so planning hasn’t been bad. It’s a DW and there’s a total of 10 of us that will be there. I booked a venue, officiant, photographer and videographer within the first couple months of planning. Dress shopping was done around the time I got officially engaged, which wasn’t much time to order so I had to get a dress that was already at the store.
    It’s doable, but we aren’t also having 100 guests to feed and entertain. Depends on how you guys plan!
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  • thisismrsb
    Expert June 2019
    thisismrsb ·
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    We planned ours in 8 months and it was totally fine. My sister had a baby in April, so June was the earliest we could do it. The first weekend in June, I and about half of my 40 guests were competing in Special Olympics Summer Games, so I couldn't pick that weekend. I didn't want to have a long engagement and I wanted to be married before my birthday in September, so we were married on June 23rd. We had plenty of time to plan our wedding.

    *We had over 200 guests, but I was allowed to invite only 40.
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  • Future Mrs. K
    Super April 2021
    Future Mrs. K ·
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    Personally I don’t think that’s enough time (I’m kind of a perfectionist) but it all depends on your guest count and how many vendors you are planning on using
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  • Kathryn
    Rockstar August 2020
    Kathryn ·
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    I think its doable. We got engaged in August of 2019, and we'll be married in April 2020. You do have to knock out the major vendors quickly, but after that you should be able to coast and do things at your own pace. It's kind of exciting because there's not really a lull, though we did take some time for the holidays to just relax and be with family. Congrats and good luck! Happy planning!
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  • Givemeallthepups
    Expert February 2020
    Givemeallthepups ·
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    Definitely doable if you want it to be. We’ll have an 8 month long engagement. We did have to rush to get the venue and photographer locked down but everything else has been pretty low stress.
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  • Sarah
    Dedicated February 2020
    Sarah ·
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    My fiancé and I got engaged back in April and are getting married in February so we've had 9-10 months worth of planning by our wedding day. I'd say if you are diligent and can budget it, go for it! I think we've had plenty of time and like you we jumped into planning. 😊
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  • B
    Super July 2017
    Becky ·
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    We got married six months and one day after getting engaged. The key is remembering you're going to need to find your big vendors quickly (venue, catering, photography) and that if you have a particular vision you may end up paying more or you may not be able to get the venue you want (if that makes sense) because September is super popular for weddings right now.

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  • Gen
    Champion June 2019
    Gen ·
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    9 months is enough time to plan, but September/October are the most popular months to get married and I think you’d struggle to find a venue with openings at this point. When I booked my venue, it was June 2018 and I wanted to book for June 2019. Dates for June 2019 were still open, but they told me September and October 2019 were already fully booked and some weekends in September and October 2020 were ALREADY starting to fill up!

    So basically if you can find a venue then great! But I wouldn’t get your heart set on a date until you can find one. And prepare to be flexible with it... you may need to end up doing a less popular date like in August or November if you really want 2020
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  • Aimee
    Super July 2021
    Aimee ·
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    9 months isn’t too bad but if you wanted you could have it Sept 2021
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  • Dulaney
    Savvy June 2021
    Dulaney ·
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    I would start by looking at venues and go from there. I think 2020 is a big wedding year so even though planning it in 9 months might be doable, it might be tough to find vendors
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  • Shakevia
    Just Said Yes October 2020
    Shakevia ·
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    We got engaged last week and October 2020 is our month . If you start now I believe you have more than enough time
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  • Dierdra
    Super August 2021
    Dierdra ·
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    I would let your date be more flexible until you find a venue - in our experience almost all venues were booked out the entire 2020 year except our weekend. Congratulations and happy planning!

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  • Danica
    Beginner October 2020
    Danica ·
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    I think it’s doable, but if you’re having an October wedding, the 10th seems to be incredibly hard to find people who aren’t already booked on major vendors. I was talking to vendors in October and a lot of them were booked already in my area.
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