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Calling all brides who wear glasses!

Josie, on December 7, 2017 at 3:10 PM Posted in Wedding Attire

So that's me in the photo and I wear glasses, it's just a part of ME! Wearing contacts or going without them is NOT an option. I'm looking for dramatic makeup ideas and pinterest is very little help!! My favorite makeup look is in the comments but my makeup artist told me that I probably can't pull this off with my glasses and I should consider lasik (OMG!)

So! If you wear glasses and have had your trial makeup done or if you have pictures of your big day rocking your glasses, please post them below! I need a little inspiration!

Thank you!



  • Josie
    Savvy March 2018
    Josie ·

    Love this look. Does this "go" with glasses?

    LOL, this seems like a silly question but my makeup artist said NO!

  • Constance
    VIP October 2017
    Constance ·

    Wow. Didn't know your MUA is a doctor who can recommend surgical procedures...

  • FutureMrsHill
    Expert April 2018
    FutureMrsHill ·

    Did she try this look on you? Or did she just assume ?

  • TheeOne2Love
    VIP December 2017
    TheeOne2Love ·

    Im confused. How can you NOT get a makeup look because you wear glasses. I have never heard that before.

    ETA: I had lasik a few months ago and I love it lol.

  • Josie
    Savvy March 2018
    Josie ·

    This was a photo I showed her when we were setting up the appointment. She said she CAN do it, but it probably won't look right because of the glasses. She suggested something more "natural" which I'm not too excited about. She's willing to give it a try, but I'm hoping some WW brides will share their gorgeous, glasses wearing faces with me as well.

  • Anne
    Master April 2017
    Anne ·

    I think that would look great with glasses...

  • Jeanine
    Dedicated October 2019
    Jeanine ·

    You can totally pull the look off with glasses the only issue would probably be the lashes rubbing against the lenses. I wear glasses and a full face of makeup but the lashes always rub. So i choose to wear contacts if I'm wearing lashes.

  • caitlin
    Super May 2017
    caitlin ·

    Yay for Ben and Leslie profile pics! i didn't wear my glasses during the ceremony and for some photos, but put them on after the ceremony. i think your MUA is being absurd. i had full lashes, more makeup than i've ever worn in my life, and the glasses looked fine. i don't think they rubbed against the glasses much, i honestly can't remember!

  • Amanda
    Dedicated December 2018
    Amanda ·

    I saw this Buzzfeed article (link below) and one of the girls in the video wears glasses. I think she looked stunning with a bold eye and eyebrow. I think you should find a new makeup artist.

    As a lady in the same boat, I would love to see some real pictures too.

  • Allie_W
    Dedicated June 2018
    Allie_W ·

    My MUA said that if I decide to wear my glasses the only thing that might be tricky would be false lashes.

  • Jeanine
    Dedicated October 2019
    Jeanine ·

    I don't have a wedding day pic but here's one with my makeup and glasses

  • Mimi
    Just Said Yes September 2018
    Mimi ·

    I wear glasses but I plan on wearing contacts

  • Ms.Fox
    VIP May 2018
    Ms.Fox ·

    Lol she said she'd want to make it lighter/more natural because of the glasses?? Find a new mua. How ridiculous. There's no reason not to go full glam simply because you wear glasses...!

  • Orchids
    Master March 2018
    Orchids ·

    I wear glasses, and they're thick frames too...I don't wear makeup often but at least for me when I do it seems like my glasses tone down the look of whatever makeup I've applied. There have been a couple of times where I've thought I went way overboard until I put my glasses back on and sighed with relief because they balanced out the look perfectly.

    I don't see why she wouldn't give it a shot and see how YOU like the look with your glasses, that seems odd to me.

  • Catti Labelle
    VIP July 2018
    Catti Labelle ·

    I wear glasses and hated how my engagement pics lashes felt against them. I plan on wearing contacts for the wedding. That makeup look will look amazing with glasses. Just be sure the fake lashes are trimmed so they don't rub against the lenses.

  • Jurnee
    Expert May 2019
    Jurnee ·

    Go for it. It's your wedding and you deserve it to be bold

  • cantwait4thedate
    VIP November 2017
    cantwait4thedate ·

    She is stupid!!

    I didnt wear my glasses for my wedding, but that was because I wanted to have my makeup show more and I was doing a natural look. Also, my lashes are really long and rub against my glasses without makeup so with makeup on, it would have been worse.

  • ABB102817
    Devoted October 2017
    ABB102817 ·

    I have worn glasses literally everyday of my life since I was seven. I don't own contacts and never have. I have bad eyes so going without glasses is out of the question. I hate it when people tell me to "just take my glasses off for ____." My glasses are just as much a part of me as tattoos and piercings are part of people who have them.

    If my MUA told me what yours did she would basically be implying that I don't look good with glasses which would be extremely insulting to me.

    I had issues with false eyelashes for my wedding. She basically had to use baby ones on me. But as far as color goes, she made my eyes look awesome behind my glasses. You can do anything you want with glasses. If you don't like something, that's what the trial is for!

  • MRSGodiva
    Super January 2017
    MRSGodiva ·

    This was for a wedding I was in, full frames and all. I opted out of the lashes provided bc I didn't like them rubbing on my glasses.

    No makeup related but the lenses here are also transition lenses. While the bride was OK with it, I didn't like the dark lenses in the outdoor pics. I opted for a new pair of glasses before my wedding bc going without wasn't an option for me.

  • M
    Devoted December 2018
    MissDec1 ·

    I'm all honesty, I think you're makeup artist may be concerned that SHE can't pull off giving you that look. Glasses are not an excuse. That would look fabulous with glasses- coming from someone who wears that kind of makeup quite often and can only stand contacts for so long....

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