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Buy or Rent after getting married

BrideToBe, on January 26, 2012 at 4:24 PM Posted in Married Life 0 7

My fiancé and I are planning on getting an apartment or house in September, the month before our wedding. We want it to be "ours" not one of us moving in with the other. We are discussing whether to buy or rent....I just feel like it would be too much to plan the wedding and buy a house around the same time.

What are you planning? Any advice?


Latest activity by Mrs. Jaclyn Willson, on January 26, 2012 at 5:54 PM
  • Reneasha
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    Reneasha ·
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    Me and my fh are planning to buy a few months before the wedding. And I'm so excited because we found a GORGEOUS 5bd 3 ba for $90,000 on a foreclosure listing. We figured if the monthly payments are going to be about the same it might as well go towards us owning the house Smiley smile

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  • Ellen
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    It depends on your situation.

    We just bought our first house in December (getting married in April). This is something that we had been working towards for 2 years, so it was planned. It did put a halt on the wedding planning for a while and did get a little hectic. I also told my FH that if we didn't find a house by the end of the year, I was calling off the search until after the wedding. I don't think I could move 1 month before the wedding...I would go crazy.

    Even though it has been crazy, I am really looking forward to coming home from our honeymoon to OUR house to just be us. We won't have to worry about a lease ending, finding an apartment or house etc. We can just 'be' for a while.

    However, I think this totally depends on your situation. Are both of you able to get out of your current lease? Is your current lease ending soon? Do you own separately right now? Do you have enough money put away for house and wedding in a short time span?

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  • Natasha
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    My fiance & I purchased a home in December 2011 & planning a wedding for September 2012. It is VERY OVERWHELMING. I have my first house which I'm in the process of doing some remoldeling so we can rent it out, trying to unpack/decorate the new home, plan a wedding & still tend to everyday living. If you have the time and funds to do it, i say go for the buy, but don't rush into buying something under pressure or time restraints.

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  • MrsO
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    Assuming you are financially stable and able, I am the type of person who will always recommend buying a house over renting. I just don't see why people would choose to throw money away to rent when they could be putting it towards a mortgage for something that they will own if they are able to.

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  • Toni-Marie
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    BUY!! The Market is for buyers right now!! If you can BUY BUY BUY!!

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  • Ab
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    I was just reading an article earlier that said only 300,000 homes were purchased in 2011 in the US; that was really surprising to it's def a buyers market now..however as others mentioned don't rush in. Personally I'd never dream of planning a wedding and buying a house close together..then again I'm in grad school so we aren't in the city where we'd probably end up anyways so it was never an option for us...but if you are settled and can afford down payment, I'd talk to others you know about what the process is like. Good luck! :-)

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  • Mrs. Jaclyn Willson
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    If it's something you can realistically afford, i say buy....Depending on how you look at it rent is a waste of $

    We'd like to buy the house we live in now. We are probably going to do a rent to own thing...

    My dad got the house super cheap...It had been in foreclosure and he won it in an auction. We left our apartment for the opportnity to live in a nice house and as soon as we get a little more financially settled, we want to buy..It's been in discussion for awhile.

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