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What did everyone pay for their venue (and what all does it include)? Every venue is so different and I'm not even sure what to look for in a venue or what a "good" price would be. It's pretty much impossible to set a budget for our wedding without knowing what the average price of things are. What...
What did everyone pay for their venue (and what all does it include)? Every venue is so different and I'm not even sure what to look for in a venue or what a "good" price would be. It's pretty much impossible to set a budget for our wedding without knowing what the average price of things are. What is a good budget to expect? I'm struggling so much!


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    Roxana ·
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    We paid $3,500 for our venue and we live in a very expensive area. The only way we were able to score such an awesome place with that price was to host a Saturday morning wedding with a brunch reception. This venue is $7,500+ for a Saturday evening wedding.

    The venue includes:

    -2 hours of set up, 4 hours of event time, and 1 hour of clean up.

    -Ceremony and Reception space

    -Separate Bride and Groom's suites

    -All tables and Chiavari chairs + Ceremony Chairs + other tables for necessities like gifts etc.

    -A pergola for the Ceremony

    -A really nice cocktail hour space complete with a balcony, dance floor, and large bar.

    -Access to all the gorgeous grounds for pictures

    -Ceremony rehearsal and decor drop off

    -Some free decor (beveled mirror tiles and votive candles for centerpieces)

    -Day of coordinator

    -BONUS: We are allowed to bring in any licensed caterer we want and are allowed to provide our own alcohol.

    Here's some pictures of our venue:


    Ceremony Space

    Budget 1


    Cocktail Hour/Reception Space


    Dining Space



    Budget 2

    The Grounds!

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  • Kelly
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    Elks Lodge $3000
    One hour ceremony on the lawn (it's abutting the ocean cliffs)
    Four hour reception
    Includes tables and chairs, seats 150 people
    Bridal suite for 3 hours before ceremony
    Open bar, champagne toast.
    Have their own insurance
    I do have to use one of their caterers, but honestly I think that's reasonable.
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  • Lauren
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    Venues definitely heavily depend on what area you're in! We're getting married 1 1/2 hours from where we live because the venues in our area are all expensive. We'll be getting married in a very small town 10 minutes from FH's parents' house (it's 40 minutes from a semi-large city, though).

    My venue is a BEAUTIFUL 1920's building with exposed brick and wood floors/ceilings, and it's only $1,800 for a Thursday-Saturday rental! Literally such a steal!! They provide the tables, chairs, table cloths, decorations, and sound system! I'm so in love with my venue and am so excited that we'll be able to set up early and have the rehearsal dinner there as well.

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  • CourtneyBrittain
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    I was able to get our venue at a nice discount because of three reasons

    1) we booked for August (off season)

    2) we booked a weekday (Thursday)

    3) we booked within 90 days of the wedding

    For those reasons, we got it for $1950. That includes a chapel that seats 250, a large bridal room with enough space to comfortably fit my whole bridal party and MOB/FMIL, a nice sized grooms room with a TV and cable, a beautiful large barn with two silos that can hold 250 with a built in bar and buffet area, a huge patio that overlooks a gorgeous fountain and acres of longhorns and horses, and wonderful string lights that are hung all over the barn and outdoors year round!

    The venue allows us to bring in any food/catering we want, and we won't be having alcohol so that part does not matter for us as much. They have their own insurance, and we don't need any additional security with no alcohol. We have the venue for 12 hours, and they provide tables and chairs and as long as we get most of the clean up done, they will take care of mopping/sweeping as long as we get the trash bags to the tractor.

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  • Dayna
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    I have found it really hard to compare pricing because some venues here (Florida) charge a flat rate for venue space, and some charge a per head cost that includes bar and catering. We haven't settled on a final venue yet, but all in all it looks like we will come in around $25k for venue (ceremony and reception) AND catering/bar. This also includes insurance, waitstaff, all taxes and service fees, tables, chairs, linens (provided by venue). We are also set on an indoor ceremony and reception, which drives up the price, and will have 120 guests. Be careful with service fees because around here, they are usually 22% which is easily an extra several thousand dollars that is easy to overlook.

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  • Bree
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    Pricing is going to range from state to state. I have a refurbished barn with two bridal suites, a groomsmen lounge, four possible ceremony locations and a reception hall and a built in bar and it cost 4.100 including ceremony fees and liquor fees.

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  • Shannon
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    My venue is 15,000 and I have two different houses from Friday to Monday. It can sleep about 40people total. And for an extra $1500 we can have a third house from Friday to Sunday. It doesn’t include everything but we are saving with rentals(going through a friend), cake(I’m a baker and I have connections), and a few others places
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    Thank God, I was trying so hard to decode that lol
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    I think I'm drunk on stress. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
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  • Misty
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    Nashville is expensive forbfonding venues inside the city. We were also pretty limited to using only venues that allowed us to use our own vendors... ours is $6500 which includes a team on site to set up furniture rentals as well as outdoor furniture and lounge furniture, chandeliers... and got us a 30% discount on the DJ and lighting. We hated to spend that much but even cheaper venues inevitably charge fees for using your own vendors rather their suggested ones... when you add it all up.... it's all the same. There(of course) were les expensive spots 45 mins or MORE outside of nashville.... but due to the sheer count of out of town guests we are having, it felt super inconvenient to pass our savings down to them having to order Lyft's and uber's to get all the way out there and back.
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  • MrsD
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    We are in Denver. Our venue is $11,000 on a Saturday for 12 hours of use. It includes the entire venue, rehearsal the morning before, a walk through one month before, all tables & all chairs, bridal suite, groom's suite, and several options for ceremony/cocktail hour/reception. It was higher priced out of the ones we looked at. It seemed like the average was closer to $6,000.

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  • Nemo
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    Our venue was technically free, but we had a food/beverage minimum of $6,500. We paid $10,500 for upgraded chairs/tables/table cloths/cloth napkins/china/silverware/all wine glasses and cups/bartenders/servers/venue coordinator/set up/clean up/event staff/cake cutting/5 hour event time/5 hour open bar/3 passed apps for cocktail hour/a buffet (salad, rolls, fruit, 1 starch, 1 veggie, 1 pasta disk with chicken, chicken entree, and a beef tenderloin carving station) for 118 people. We paid a PP price (that included taxes and gratuity) and everything above was included in that, except the chairs (2.50 pp), additional hour of the open bar ($2 pp), and carving station (2.50 pp) were an extra add-on and had additional taxes and gratuity.

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    This is a difficult question to answer because it really depends on what you want and often how many people you are going to have. Some places also require that you spend so much many. Our venue requires a food and beverage minimum of $7,000.00. Before we decided on our budget we researched vendors in the area we planned on getting married which helped us come up with a range of how much we could expect to spend on each thing. Once we figure out roughing how much we would probably spend on each thing we created a spreadsheet where we listed each vendor and the maximum we would spend on each one to stay within our targeted budget. Our venue is charging us $70/person. This includes food, drinks, colored linens, the bridal suite for our wedding night, a large room that my bridesmaids and I will get ready in, uplighting, and our wedding cake. A lot of places have preselected packages, but they are often willing to work with you. For ours, all of their preselected packages are plated meals. The cheapest preselected package was $105 which was way more than I wanted to spend. When we went to tour the venue we also asked if buffet style was an option which it was. She created a custom package for us. A lot of venue will be willing to customize things so that you can have what you want. Our venue also offered centerpieces for an additional price, but we were already planning on using the same decorator/florist my brother used for his wedding so we selected not to include that in our package. We also could have had my bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, and after wedding brunch at our venue, but those are additional. Three things I would consider being picking a venue is 1. the style of the venue (ex. barn, hotel, church), 2. type of food and how it will be served (ex. Italian, Mexican, American, plated vs buffet vs stationary), 3. if you are having alcohol what type of bar you want (cash bar or open bar and what type of alcohol you want served because some places offer just beer and wine whereas others offer hard alcohol)

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  • Courtney
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    Our venue is $15k for 100 guests. This includes use of the entire building (they have different plans for different rooms), bridal suite, in-house catering, 4 hour open bar during the reception, linens and flatware, tables (we needed to rent additional chairs), and set up and tear down. The venue's DOC also directs deliveries and manages our timeline.

    The only outside services we need to bring in are cake, flowers, DJ, and photographer.

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    Some of these answers make my bank account sad that I've chosen to have my wedding in a "destination wedding" city where everything is at a premium. Ha!

    Our venue is $4,750 with our estimated guest count - potentially $5,000 if the guest count notches up a little bit. That's for a Saturday in off-season. Peak season (which starts the day after our wedding!) would be $8,000 for the same space.

    That includes the ceremony and reception location, use of Bridal and Groom Suite for up to 3 Hours Prior to Start of Ceremony, 4 Hours of Event Time for Wedding and Reception (30-minute ceremony and 3.5-hour reception), Tables and Chairs for Ceremony & Reception, floor length table cloths, Fans or Heaters as needed, parking, the dance floor, and some lighting and plants that are always at the venue. Sorry about the weird capitalization - copied and pasted from my venue's website.

    We also have to purchase alcohol from the venue to due to a city ordinance and that's $25/pp. The venue is beautiful and they've been great to work with so we're excited!

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  • Ashley
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    Ashley ·
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    I am using a small fairly new place that we fell in love with. I locked in 2018 prices for my 2020 wedding so we are getting a steal. $5,300,

    6 hours
    2 cold apps and 2 hot apps
    Top shelf bar with bartenders

    champagne toast for all guest 21 and up



    2 meats, 2 starches, 1 veggie, salad, bread

    monthly food tastings for up to 4 guests

    use of their centerpieces

    tables with table covers and chair covers/sashes

    All silverware, dishes, glasses.




    set up and tear down

    I feel like I am forgetting things.

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  • Melle
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    Melle ·
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    With gratuity and tax included is $13.7k for 260 guests. It includes almost 7 hours. A dance floor. Soft drinks and wine. It's a restaurant so all the tables and chairs and linen and utensils/plates/glasses were included. Ive to mention it's actually a ten course meal served family style aha so it's a lot of food for a lot of guests. This is for reception only. The ceremony site is elsewhere.
    I upgraded the menu though otherwise it would have been maybe 300-400 dollars cheaper.
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