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Bridesmaids Jewelry?

Brittany, on May 22, 2020 at 9:05 PM Posted in Wedding Attire 0 6

I have been planning to buy my bridesmaid their jewelry for the wedding as part of their thank you gift but I am having difficulty. My wedding colors are red, white, and gold, I am probably going to be wearing white gold/silver with my dress, and they are wearing red dresses. I can't decide if I should have them wearing the same color jewelry as me or I should have them match the theme. I have considered just asking them, but I kind of wanted to surprise them. So, I would love some advice on this. Another thing I am struggling with is finding nice jewelry at a reasonable cost I have 6 bridesmaids so it adds up quickly, and I don't want to get them something that will turn green, so ideas on where to look for things would also be so helpful!


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  • Belle
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    I got each of my bridesmaids a set of pearl necklace and earrings from Macy’s sale. The color matches their dress. For the reception, they will wear different dress and I am thinking to buy them gold earrings as a present.
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    My colors are green, white, and gold. I bought them necklaces and bracelets as a thank you. I got them gold to match the theme and I still can't decide if I'm going to wear gold or silver. I got theirs from olive and piper. The jewelry is absolutely beautiful. A little on the higher side of prices, for 6 bridesmaids with necklaces and bracelets came out to about $450. They do have coupons every once in a while and the gold isn't like a bright gold, its more of a brushed gold which I liked a lot better.

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  • Mandee
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    I got my bridesmaids tennis bracelets from Amazon for around $15/pp. They've got hundreds of five-star reviews and if they arrive and look awful I'll just send them back! Don't spend a ton of money on jewelry

    Bridesmaids Jewelry? 1

    because not everyone will share the same taste and it probably won't be worn again after the wedding unless it's something simple!

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  • Jessica
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    Paparazzi was my best friend

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  • Kimberly
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    Etsy has some cute bridesmaid jewelry sets that are reasonable in multiple metal shades. I personally made my bridesmaids jewelry sets from supplies I got at Michaels, but I enjoy making jewelry for Xmas/birthday/etc gifts. You may want to check out Memorial Day sales on jewelry. I’ve been seeing jewelers and department stores alike have massive sales this weekend. Maybe you’ll find something that’ll work.
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  • Nicole
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    I got these on Amazon! Bridesmaids Jewelry? 2

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