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Bow Tie or Tie?

Erin, on April 10, 2011 at 11:41 PM Posted in Wedding Attire 0 27
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I need some opinions! Bow Ties or Regular Ties for the groomsmen and groom? What have you done or are planning to do? I asked FH what he preferred and he said he didn't mind either way and asked which one I thought looked better and I honestly don't know!


  • Meghan
    Master August 2011
    Meghan ·

    If you wear a tux, you wear a bow tie. If you wear a suit, wear a tie.

  • MelKel
    Master May 2010
    MelKel ·

    You can wear a regular tie with a tux. That's what my husband went for. he opted for the tie and vest instead of bowtie and cumberbun

  • Thumbelina
    Expert May 2010
    Thumbelina ·

    I have seen a lot of tux shops mix tuxes with vests and ties....I think it is up to you as to how formal you want to go....I did tuxes with vests and ties....I liked the look better and it was a way to add some color to their ensemble without having a colored bow tie.

  • Erin
    Devoted September 2011
    Erin ·

    Yeah their vests will be very light pink to match the dresses so I wanted some color as well, but if we went with the bow tie option, I wouldn't want a colored bow tie.

  • Thumbelina
    Expert May 2010
    Thumbelina ·

    I personally prefer the tie with vest look myself....Unless you are in super formal environment with cummerbunds, bow ties aren't my cup of tea....

  • Mrs Lilow
    VIP June 2011
    Mrs Lilow ·

    Bow ties make me giggle. I'd opt for the tie.

  • Hollywoll
    VIP June 2011
    Hollywoll ·

    Agree with MS L. Some guys can rock them, but many normal guys can't! Lol, FH and all the groomsmen would have looked silly in them. I also opted for the tie, clearly.

    No offense to girls who like that bow tie look, it just wasn't for me! (And FH wasn't into it either, I did take his opinion into account)

  • MelKel
    Master May 2010
    MelKel ·

    My husband wanted to wear the classic tux with a bow tie. I'm not a fan of them. So when we went to Men's Wearhouse, I took the sales guy to the side and explained that i didn't really like the bow tie, but wanted my man to feel like he made the decision to wear a tie and not me vetoing the bow tie. He got the message loud and clear. I told DH to try both on and chose which ever one he liked better. The sales guy gave him a nice tie and vest and then a god awful ugly patterend bow tie and cumberbund. DH quickly said he liked the tie much better. Problem solved

  • Nancy Taussig
    September 2019
    Nancy Taussig ·

    LOL, Mellojean -- you are a genius!!!

  • Lala
    Master May 2012
    Lala ·

    I have this weird hatred for bow ties. I vote ties!!!

    I second Nancy! mellojean, that is absolutely genious!!

  • C2ShiningC
    Master April 2011
    C2ShiningC ·

    Good job mellojean! My FS is wearing a tie and a pocket square. He hates bow ties and he also vetoed bouts saying they look too prom-ey. Worked for me! I also hate bow ties and bouts

  • Mrs. Clark aka Mrs Awesomepants
    Master November 2011
    Mrs. Clark aka Mrs Awesomepants ·

    We went for the vest and tie...Just looks better on my guys since they are all super tall lol

  • Christine
    Super May 2011
    Christine ·

    FS and the guys are wearing tuxes with ties. I like ties better and so does FS, but it's a personal preference.

  • Heather
    Devoted June 2011
    Heather ·

    FH is wearing a tux but not tie at all, but the BM is wearing just a regular tie.

  • Erin
    Devoted September 2011
    Erin ·

    Thanks for all the feedback, it has helped us a lot!

  • Mrs. Bansmer
    Super August 2012
    Mrs. Bansmer ·

    I am with Lala, I really don't like bowties. My FH would never wear one anyways. So my FH and all of the GMs will be wearing vests and regular ties. However, some men really look great in bowties, I think it is just a personal preference

  • Lianne
    Super November 2011
    Lianne ·

    Personally, I love bow ties. Not those stupid looking pre-tied things they have at tuxedo rental places, but classic, slightly floppy ones that you tie yourself. Sigh.

    My FH will be wearing one of those, just because I love them even though he wasn't really thrilled about the idea but, he's pretty awesome that way. The groomsmen will be wearing regular ties so he looks a little different.

  • Brittany S
    Super September 2011
    Brittany S ·

    We are going with Ties...The groomsmen are wearing PINK Ones!!!! lol They arent too thrilled but i am!

  • Cherie
    Super July 2011
    Cherie ·

    My FH left it up to me to pick the tie out, so I went with a bow tie.

  • Patricia
    Master December 2011
    Patricia ·

    I'm not a fan of bow tie and FH isn't either so we're doing tie. I have no decision on the boys, he knows the color and he'll be the one picking the suit and everything else.

    If you and FH are both undecided I'd say get the guys involve and see what they prefer, you can't go wrong there

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