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Bam! Pro Sneak Peek & My Take on the Day! lots of Pics!

Angela, on June 22, 2019 at 3:46 PM

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After 14 months of planning, I'm a Mrs.! My biggest piece of advice to brides is to just enjoy your day and try not to put too much stress on yourself that everything has to be perfect. There is SO much pressure on the wedding day to be the best day of your life and to be absolutely perfect and...

After 14 months of planning, I'm a Mrs.! My biggest piece of advice to brides is to just enjoy your day and try not to put too much stress on yourself that everything has to be perfect. There is SO much pressure on the wedding day to be the best day of your life and to be absolutely perfect and guess what - it's OK if that is not the case!

My day was filled with highs & lows. Lows include:

-some people arrived super early to the ceremony. Things weren't fully decorated and I was afraid they (and my FH!) would see me before I was ready. This caused a lot of anxiety for me before the first look. I wanted to be in full planner mode to make sure people were comfortable/happy/etc, and I just had to hide away and not be seen.
-Ceremony was outside (& I wouldn't change that for the world b/c the location has a really special meaning to us) but even after providing bug spray, some people got bit. Including me! No one seemed too upset about it; as it's the summer in the south, but it was less than ideal, and even planning for it didn't change it.
-We left the ceremony in a vintage car, and when we got to the reception, were going to pull up and do a bubble entrance. I called when we were about 10-15 mins out and was told they were lining guests up, so when we arrived, we got out. Turns out, they didn't have all guests lined up yet, and we had to get back in the car and do the entrance all over again. That was annoying, but is what it is.
-By far, the worst part of the day: right before the ceremony was to begin (we're talking 2 minutes before, we're all our places ready to walk), one of our older guests had a medical emergency, in front of all the guests. It was really scary and shocking. He was adamant he wasn't leaving because he needed to be there at the ceremony for me, and it took 3 people to go along to the ER with him to make sure he was OK. Honestly, all of us were in a state of shock after that, it happened so quickly, that it was hard to switch into ceremony mode literally right after that - but we did. I've been in contact with him several times since then and I know he's fine now, but it was so, so scary. You really can't plan for/foresee something like that!

My highs:

-FH and I weren't traditional and spent the night before our wedding together. At 3am, we were up talking, too excited and giddy to sleep. It's one of my favorite memories now.
-I randomly asked my photographer to do a first look with my dad after we finished with my husband. I am SO glad I did. His reaction was absolutely priceless.
-I really feel like I was in the moment with my husband during the ceremony. We just locked eyes and it was like the whole world faded away and it was just us!-We had our dog as our flower girl, and she really couldn't have done a better job. She was absolutely perfect, people loved seeing her, and it was amazing how quickly it made me feel better and relaxed to know she was there at the ceremony.-Seeing the smile plastered on my husband's face all night. We really were both just so happy to finally be married.-The reception was just so much fun, from beginning to end. Food was amazing, everyone danced, it was so neat to see our family and friends mingling and talking. Just couldn't have gone better.-We lucked out and had amazingly beautiful weather the entire day. Literally this weekend and the weekend before the wedding were horrible thunderstorms and floods, but our wedding weekend was gorgeous.
I know this post is long, but I really did just want to share with you all that it's OK if things go wrong on your big day. At the end of the day, you're marrying the love of your life, and all your friends & family are there just to support and celebrate that love - and that's a pretty amazing thing!!Now on to the photos! These are my Pro - Sneak Peek's from my photographer.

Details shot, including record invites & my grandmother's perfume (my something old)cfb_1224801.jpg

First look with my dad was priceless. I've got video of him going, "WOW!"cfb_1224803.jpg

First look with FH!cfb_1224805.jpg

Our beautiful flower dog. She did SO good!cfb_1224807.jpg

Details...We got married at Johnny Cash's cabin & his songs were our theme.cfb_1224809.jpg

Praying with my BFF right before the ceremony. One of my fav parts of the day.cfb_1224811.jpg

Flower dog & MoH (sister)cfb_1224847.jpg

Walk with my dadcfb_1224849.jpg

Just married!cfb_1224813.jpg

We only had about 40 guests, which was perfect for me!cfb_1224815.jpg

JC tattoo.cfb_1224843.jpg

Record guest bookcfb_1224817.jpg

Cake Table! And more JC lyrics. cfb_1224819.jpg

Set up at the reception - a TN mansion in our neighborhood.cfb_1224821.jpg

Centerpieces included JC sheet music & guitar pick favors.cfb_1224823.jpg

Love this shot & glad we rented the vintage Bentley for the day!cfb_1224825.jpg

I handmade flowers out of JC sheet music for my bouquet.cfb_1224827.jpg

The dip in front of the mansion/reception site.cfb_1224831.jpg

I love this shot b/c it looks like it's from the 50's. cfb_1224833.jpg

We did a performance together of our song, "Forever & Ever, Amen." cfb_1224835.jpg

Bridal portrait.cfb_1224837.jpg

outside of our reception venue at night.cfb_1224839.jpg


  • M.W.
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    M.W. ·

    OMG! I am living for your wedding pictures!! Everything looks fabulous and you look beautiful congrats!

  • Gen
    Master June 2019
    Gen ·
    Wow! This was so fun to read and look through! You have such beautiful photos and I’m so glad you were able to make the best of everything that went wrong!
  • Courtney
    Rockstar December 2019
    Courtney ·

    CONGRATULATIONS! Your wedding turned out incredible! And i love your dad's reaction... priceless.

  • Sinéad
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    Sinéad ·

    Everything looked so beautiful Angela!! I hope you had the most amazing day!

    Congratulations to you both!!

  • NextChapterReady
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    NextChapterReady ·

    Aw I love that the pup was included and everything looked stunningly beautiful! Congratulations!

  • Sara
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    Sara ·
    These pictures are absolutely amazing. You look beautiful! Love your whole look and that bouquet ❤️
  • Janarda
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    Janarda Online ·
    So very beautiful! Congratulations!!
  • Cliodhna
    WeddingWire Administrator January 2030
    Cliodhna ·

    Oh my gosh, I'm obsessed with your wedding style!

    Those record invites are awesome!

    I love the photo of you and your father, so sweet!

    Can't wait to see more

  • K
    Beginner June 2019
    Kathy ·

    Congratulations! Everything looked amazing, and I love how you stuck to your theme -- down to your (stunning!) bouquet

  • Sherry
    VIP September 2019
    Sherry ·

    So beautiful. Your wedding site looks so much like mine! Congrats.

  • FutureMrsD
    Legend July 2019
    FutureMrsD ·

    Your makeup is so pretty, I love all your decor! Where did you get your flower dog leash?

  • Yoice
    VIP March 2019
    Yoice ·
    Wow you look stunning. Love the venue so vintage! Love the record touches very unique. Congratulations!
  • Ashlee
    Devoted June 2020
    Ashlee ·
    What a picture perfect day! Congratulations on a beautiful wedding. Sounds like you dealt with the unexpected very well and I’m so happy that everything turned out well. Great advice on focusing on what matters.
  • Angela
    Expert June 2019
    Angela ·
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    Thank you! I bought the leash on Amazon and then wrapped it with some flowers I bought from Hobby Lobby.
  • Angela
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    Angela ·
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    Thank you!!
  • Angela
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    Angela ·
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    Thank you!!
  • Angela
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    Angela ·
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    Thank you! I had so much fun with the theme.
  • Bridget
    VIP August 2019
    Bridget ·

    Everything looks beautiful! Seriously that solo photo of you is absolutely gorgeous, it belongs in a magazine! Congratulations!!

  • Lynne
    Super October 2020
    Lynne ·
    OMG! I love it. Beautiful dress. Congratulations
  • Tonia
    Expert October 2019
    Tonia ·

    What a beautiful and unique wedding! You are absolutely gorgeous and I love the intimate feel of everything. Congratulations.

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