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Average cost of flowers? (Trying to budget)

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I'm looking to see how much of my budget I should set aside for flowers. We sat down last night and I thought saying $2,000 for them would be ok, but now I'm second guessing?


  • MrsD2011
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    MrsD2011 ·

    It is possible as I only paid $800 for all my flowers including my bouquet, 4 bm bouquets all the bouts and crosages ... I didn't get any aisle runners, or church pieces though ... those are all DIY ... and my bouquets, and bouts are made up of roses, carns, and cala lilies. You just have to shop around, I think I talked to 6 or 7 florists before settling on my florist.

  • Hayley C™
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    Hayley C™ ·

    It all depends on how much You want to spend on flowers. You can get in season flowers to save money. You can get smaller bouquets to save money.

    You can get yourself a Very nice bouquet for $125 and then just get the girls single or triple flower bouquets. Bouts & corsages = $9 - $15

    I would skip the flowers for the centerpieces and use the hall's free ones or buy candles. Candles cost Much less than flower centerpieces. Personally, I rather go on a nice honeymoon than spend $2,000 on flowers, but that is me.

  • P
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    Private User ·

    The thing is, one of my bridesmaids mothers is a florist and I always thought (and have asked) her to do the flowers so I'm not sure how I can shop around

  • Stephanie Hickerty
    August 2019
    Stephanie Hickerty ·

    I wrote a blog about flowers & a florists perspective. It doesn't necessarily tell you how much to spend, but gives you a good idea about what to think about in regards to flowers. Here's the link:


    Hope this gives you some insight & is helpful. Good luck with your planning!


  • Danielle
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    Danielle ·

    THe last post from Hayley is what I'm doing but with green roses for the BMs and white roses for the MOH (thier dresses are diff color) I am doing simple corsages with roses, rose buds and carnations, I have 4 green orchids, and its very simple. Lots of greenery as well! My total cost was $400, my boquet being the most at $200

  • Monique  Wilber
    August 2019
    Monique Wilber ·

    It really completely depends on what flowers you are thinking of using, the wedding date, how lush you want your arrangements/bouquets, and for centerpieces, how many tables.

    Premium flowers are flowers like lily of the valley (incredibly expensive), callas, oriental lilies, peonies, garden roses, named roses, orchids, etc.

    Telling the florist your colors and letting her/him choose what's in season (and I usually ask potential clients their faves/hates) is usually most affordable.

    It's true, if you get married near a holiday where flowers are in great demand, the prices for the florists are high and the costs get passed on to you.

    How lush do you want your bouquet, ceremony pieces, centerpieces? You know those "Martha" looking centerpieces? They can be a couple of hundred dollars - or much more - EACH! Check this florist's blog:


  • Monique  Wilber
    August 2019
    Monique Wilber ·

    I've done full weddings for $800 - but I specialize in a streamlined look.

    Here's some average minimum prices...don't hold your florist to this, it depends on the flowers you choose, if you are in a major urban expensive area, the design, labor to set up, etc.:

    Bride's bouquet: $100 and up

    Bridesmaids: $75 and up

    bouts: $10 and up

    corsages: $20 and up

    ceremony arch: $150 and up

    ceremony large arrangements, each: $125 and up

    aisle petals: $100 and up

    aisle hanging pomanders, each: $50 and up

    centerpieces, each: $25 and up ($25 is very spare; $50 is more on the low-end)

    petals around centerpieces: $7 and up

    cake flowers: $50 and up

    escort table flowers: $35 and up

    Again, it depends on what you have in mind, and the florist's design. Hope this gives you some numbers to play with so you have an idea. Best wishes!

  • Shellie
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    Shellie ·

    My flower budget is about $200. but I have 2 friends who are florists- and my centerpieces just use 2 flowers each. the bridesmaids will probably be carrying only 1 flower, or possible mini bouquets depending on what we have left from my bouquet. for my bouquet we are buying a bunch of flowers from pike place market in seattle for like $30 and then re-organizing them. no ceremony flowers because when there is a view of the sound no one cares about decorations. lol

  • Wicked Lizzie
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    Wicked Lizzie ·

    Im not doing flowers for centerpieces below is mine its costing me 8 bucks a table

    My flowers are going to cost me 640

    that includes

    1 bridal

    2 BM

    3 bouts

    2 corsages

    6 sheppards hooks with masson jars filled with hydengas (sp?)

    willow branches for arch

    and petals

    below is the bout and the bouquet im getting

  • 2d Bride
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    2d Bride ·

    The "average" budget is pretty meaningless. We paid under $300 for all of ours. However, we had only two bridal bouquets, one MOH bouquet, one bout, and 25 cups of freeze-dried rose petals. Obviously, someone who had lots of attendants, floral decorations for the ceremony, and 300 guests with floral centerpieces at each table would pay a lot more.

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    Beth -- look at ordering flowers in bulk... I plan to order my flowers from Costco in bulk and put all the bouquets and such together myself. I also plan to use flowers as my centerpiece. It's going to cost me somewhere around $200 --- maybe $300 if I order extras/change my style. So look on line for places to buy flowers in bulk.

    I considered silk flowers, but found out it was cheaper for me to get real.

  • Carlos Molina
    August 2019
    Carlos Molina ·

    Check out www.costofwedding.com. I have found their prices to be pretty much in line for DJ's... so i assume florists would be the same.

    Good luck!

  • R
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    Rowe ·

    I recommend www.flowersandfreshness.com the prices are very good and the roses was with big blooms, excellent quality.

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