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Anyone have any tips for wearing your e-ring with gloves

Kemmie, on November 4, 2014 at 10:37 AM Posted in Etiquette and Advice

It's november and it's getting chillier here in Canada. I'm worried I will get my ring caught or fluff under the prongs when I start wearing gloves and mittens. How do you avoid that?



  • Emily
    Expert November 2014
    Emily ·

    Wear leather

  • Staci
    Master September 2014
    Staci ·

    I usually flip mine around to my palm side, then there is a little more room for it.

  • 8815wedding
    VIP August 2015
    8815wedding ·

    What Staci said. I find that flipping it around actually prevents it from catching coming on and off. If the ring doesn't fit in the finger hole, you could always go with the ever-stylish mitten option.

  • LadyMonk
    Master September 2014
    LadyMonk ·

    Hm, I've never really had a problem with my ring catching. My gloves are leather though or felt lined. I actually hate it when my ring spins around, because I'm afraid that I'll grab onto a bus pole and then crush it.

    I always check my rings are still in place when I take my gloves off.

  • FinallyMrsSloan
    VIP April 2015
    FinallyMrsSloan ·

    You could always google it.

  • Dany
    Expert August 2015
    Dany ·

    Pray that a diamond doesn't come off in the process of glove wearing. LoL.

    I usually do what Staci does. Flipping it around does the trick since gloves always fit me big no matter what.

  • E
    Savvy November 2015
    Eliana ·

    I bought leather gloves and they seem to work great. They give out just enough for the ring and the ring doesn't catch when I put them on or take them off.

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