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Anniversary gifts

Alecia, on April 1, 2020 at 4:53 PM Posted in Do It Yourself 0 4
Hello you guys! I was looking to see if any of you have ever struggled with getting your SO gifts. I would love to give him more gifts often but I'm just really bad at thinking of things to get him that would make him happy. This anniversary that we have coming up is important because we have been together for 4 years and will be getting married in November. I want to do something special but because of the pandemic going around, we have to do everything at home. I already planned to make one of his favorite meals, I just am not sure as far as a gift what I should get him.

If any of you guys have any recommendations or advice, that would be great. He is pretty picky too so that makes it hard lol


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  • Melle
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    Maybe you can buy him an experience to use later on? for instance there's plenty of groupons or gift certificates/vouchers that can be bought where he can use at a later date. is there something he has mentioned before that he's always wanted to do? for instance i've gotten my husband a sky diving voucher before because he said that was something he always wanted to try on his bucketlist

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  • Lauren
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    Does he like going to events or concerts? FH & I love sports & concerts so a lot of our gifts to each other are tickets to games or concerts. For Christmas, one of my gifts to him was floor seat tickets to an Alan Jackson concert, and for our wedding, I got him floor seat tickets to a Kane Brown concert.

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  • Alecia
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    He loves sports and I would love to do something like that with him. It's just hard right now because everything is shut down and no one knows for how long. However, this idea might work better for an actual wedding gift. Thank you!
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  • Jo
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    I love it when my DH makes cards for me. He draws them himself, he draws stick figures of us and our pets and it's really special and funny. A homemade card expressing how excited you are to get married would be super sweet. If you can order something what about getting him something he could wear on your wedding day, like a watch or cufflinks or a tie?

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