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a “married’s” tip for planning and anniversaries

Mrsbdg, on August 18, 2019 at 10:41 PM Posted in Planning 2 13
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For my two-year anniversary (today!) I’d love to give y’all a little tip.

I know on occasion I tell the tall-tales of how my wedding flopped but, I swear, there was lots of good too (just not as fun to post about).

Something I decided kinda last minute was a Pinterest thing I saw to help save on table numbers. I couldn’t wrap my head around paying $5-10 per table just to have a silly number poking up. I saw some DIY and dollar store stuff but I was up to my eye-balls in half-finished DIY stuff and the dollar store stuff just wasn’t our vibe.

Vistaprint happened to be having a sale around my birthday and their custom small notebooks were on sale for $3-$5 (it was two years ago, I’ve been drinking, and numbers are hard). I made these notebooks and they were part guest-interaction, part functional table number! Perfect!

Back then I didn’t know how serious our guests took it. Tonight over coffee cake and champers we poured over the most heartfelt, kind, sweet, loving notes (yes there was dirty stuff, explicit drawings, butttttt not important) written by our friends and family. Apparently, after dinner everyone went around to the tables and everyone wrote in all the books!

A bit short-sightedly we only have notebooks for the first ten years of marriage but these first two, at least, are absolute treasures. Notebook tables numbers may not be your style. Maybe consider spacing the years out a bit more. It would be great, though, to consider incorporating something that lets you reminisce on your wedding day at your anniversaries!

a “married’s” tip for planning and anniversaries 1

a “married’s” tip for planning and anniversaries 2


  • Melle
    Rockstar June 2019
    Melle ·
    Omgosh I love that idea. I wanted to do that for mine but I ended up not just because I was worried our guests wouldn't really do it.
  • Mattie
    Beginner November 2021
    Mattie Online ·
    That is such a good idea.
  • Rebecca
    Devoted January 2020
    Rebecca ·
    That's such a great idea!! I love that!
  • Lauren
    VIP February 2020
    Lauren ·

    Love this idea!

  • Yam
    VIP September 2019
    Yam ·
    That’s really beautiful! Our wedding is too small for table numbers or I’d absolutely do this.
    We’re having a wish tree guest book with tags guests write in and after the wedding they’re going to be pressed into our photo album.
  • Samantha
    Expert October 2020
    Samantha ·
    This is such a sweet idea!
  • B
    Devoted July 2017
    Becky ·

    Hope that y'all had a very happy anniversary

    That's such a brilliant idea. We had hoped that people would leave messages in our guest book, but they didn't . . . it's okay though, still have an awesome marriage.

  • Florida Marlins
    Devoted October 2017
    Florida Marlins ·

    Happy Anniversary!

  • Nemo
    VIP August 2018
    Nemo ·

    Oh my goodness I love this! Unfortunately we can't steal your idea because we just celebrated our first anniversary

  • 8BitBek
    Devoted October 2020
    8BitBek ·

    I really like this idea!

  • Cliodhna
    WeddingWire Administrator January 2030
    Cliodhna ·

    This is such a fun idea! Thank you for sharing

  • Denise
    Super September 2019
    Denise ·
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    This was exactly my thought. I love things like this, I just don't want to end up with a bunch of numbered notebooks that are mostly empty!

  • Mrsbdg
    Champion August 2017
    Mrsbdg ·
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    We had a small pretty chest leftover from our cards. We stored the notebooks in there with some things from the wedding day. There were some blank pages that we used for grocery lists and stuff but it’s nbd. They’re really small (not like school notebooks). It’s a suggestion that we’ve found has been so nice to do on our anniversaries and I wanted to share.

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