Zion National Park Honeymoons

Zion National Park is a protected area in Utah that makes for a scenic honeymoon destination.

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Zion National Park Honeymoon

A Zion National Park honeymoon is the perfect choice for adventure-loving couples looking for a challenging and scenic vacation. There’s an outdoor activity for pretty much any type of couple. From biking, to bouldering, to hiking, a Zion National Park honeymoon has it all. Most couples opt to camp in the park to maximize their time during their Zion National Park honeymoon. Zion Canyon is also home to many species of wildlife including birds and mammals, making it a great spot for photography buffs. Just try talking to a Park Ranger or going on a guided tour to find the best hidden spots for stunning nature photography and other photo-ops.

If you love the outdoors and going camping, opt for a give Zion National Park honeymoon.

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When to Go

Zion National Park is open 24 hours a day for the entire year. The most popular times to take your Zion National Park honeymoon are between April and October, which is when the shuttle busses run through the park. Summer can be too hot for hiking, so plan your trip according to what you plan on doing and the activities you book.

Top Sights and Activities

  • Backpacking: Check out the trails and campsites before heading out for a backpacking trip.
  • Birdwatching: There are over 200 species of birds to observe and photograph during your Zion National Park honeymoon.  
  • Cycling: Cycling is a great Zion National Park honeymoon activity with access via the shuttle bus.
  • Camping: The park has 3 campgrounds to stay at.
  • Horseback Riding: Let the horses take you and your partner through the beautiful trails.
  • Hiking: A honeymoon in Zion National Park would not be complete without hitting the trails for a scenic hike.     
  • The Narrows: The Narrows is a challenging, narrow section of Zion Canyon.  
  • Boating: Check out the Virgin River for a boating day trip.
  • Guided Activities: Park Rangers lead a number of group tours and educations activities.
  • ATV Tours: ATV tours are an adrenaline-pumping way to explore the Canyon.  
  • Scenic Drive: A gorgeous drive through the canyon with excellent viewpoints.  
  • Zion Canyon Visitor Center: Learn more about the landscape and history of the area at this informative center.


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