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Designing and producing exquisite jewelry has been in our blood for three generations.
Established in 1988, U.S. Jewelry Factory is a family owned manufacturer and a thriving online retailer.

Our commitment to you is to stand by our exquisite quality products. US Jewelry Factory is not affiliated with any other jelwery factories, we are the one and only.

As a manufacturer, we have supplied jewelry for the most prestigious jewelry stores in the U.S., consistently exceeding our customer's expectation of quality. Five years ago, we decided rather than remaining on the back end as the manufacturer, we would offer our luxurious products directly to our loyal customers. Since then we've been selling our unique pieces all over the world via internet. We have excelled to be top sellers on both eBay and Amazon as well as have a leading website for unique timeless jewelry.

The benefit for you is buying exceptional one-of-a-kind jewelry for discounted wholesale prices. Cutting out the retailer as the middle man ensures you receive magnificent, high quality jewelry for the reasonable prices available.

Our products are all hand made with quality and care, in the heart of the diamond district on 47th Street in New York City. Our dedication and commitment to fine work and quality exceeds all others. Since all of our products are handmade in the USA, every piece shares the same level of attention to detail ensuring that they meet our standards. Each treasure that we sell goes through a meticulous quality assurance process. By keeping all aspects of our business under one roof we are able to ensure the highest quality level & maximum efficiency in order to provide speedy delivery.

Mission Statement:
For us jewelry is so much more than what is on the surface. We want our jewelry to be a symbol of your love for one another, to create a timeless bond between you and the one you love. Let our beautiful pieces express what words cannot. Let them create a memory for priceless moments.

Jewelry that can be cherished for a lifetime is the best present that you can give to show your love. To ensure that the piece is the perfect gift, we offer classic timeless pieces as well as trendy, high fashion jewelry. You select based on your style.

Though we pride ourselves on our wide selection, we specialize in diamond rings and wedding bands. Jewelry is also a magical gift on an anniversary, birthday, valentine's day, mother's day, father's day or on any given day that you want to make someone feel special and appreciated.

Diamond Engagement Rings & Wedding Bands
U.S. Jewelry Factory's engagement rings have been involved in some great love stories. Our rare and magnificent diamonds will dazzle on the hand of your beloved and make her fall for you all over again.

We are passionate about providing the perfect diamond for you or a loved one to treasure for a lifetime. For that reason, each diamond is carefully selected and appraised by a reputable third party appraiser.

Our unique designs and breathtaking natural diamonds will create a memory to be relived for a forever. A rare diamond ring of unparalleled beauty is what she deserves.

Categories: Wedding Jeweler

Regions serviced: New York City

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We used US Jewelry Factory for both my engagement ring and my wedding band. We were a bit anxious about ordering such significant pieces of jewelry online but when the rings arrived we were more than pleased. They were accommodating, resizing the rings to my 4.5 ring size, as well as sending them quickly. They were even willing to change out the diamond for one of better clarity per our request. The rings are beautiful and unlike any that we saw at brick and mortar jewelry stores. We highly recommend them!

Photo of US Jewelry Factory in New York, NY
Photo of US Jewelry Factory in New York, NY
Photo of US Jewelry Factory in New York, NY
Photo of US Jewelry Factory in New York, NY
Profile Picture Tricia, 10/22/17, 10 Reviews
Category: Jewelry

Wow, exceptional ring, exceptional value. My husband just bought me the most amazing anniversary ring! Very responsive, honest and willing to work with my budget. The photos do no justice for the ring. In person, it doesn't haven't a yellow cast as in photos due to lighting. Out in sun nothing but white brilliance. Thank you!

Photo of US Jewelry Factory in New York, NY
Photo of US Jewelry Factory in New York, NY
Profile Picture Alma-Rose, 3/29/17, 1 Review
Category: Jewelry

Beautiful rings super fast shipping and excellent customer service. Absolutely wonderful experience.

Profile Picture John, 7/16/16, 1 Review
Category: Jewelry

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