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Your Wedding Your Way All 4 Seasons!

The River Club is a classic wedding venue located in Scituate, Massachusetts. This wedding location is perfect for your wedding, as they are flexible and help accommodate your needs. The River Club is a scenic and elegant setting for any celebration.

Facilities and Capacity
The River Club can accommodate up to 300 guests. The pavilion and stairs are perfect for an outdoor celebration. For an indoor wedding, the area features a fireplace, chandeliers and hardwood floors. A bridal suite is also included.

Services Offered
The River Club offers the following services:

  • Cleanup and setup
  • Event planning
  • In-house bar
  • In-house catering
  • Liability insurance
  • Outside vendors
  • Wireless Internet

This venue offers the following catering services:

  • Buffet
  • Cocktail reception
  • Dessert
  • Hors d'oeuvres
  • Outside cake
  • Plated
  • Servers
  • Stations
  • Tastings

The River Club is located in Scituate, Massachusetts by Musquashicut Brook. This venue services the Boston area.

Categories: Wedding Venue

Regions serviced: Boston

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37 Reviews for The River Club

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First off WOW----The River Club was my first choice and the first venue I went to look at. When I walked in and met Angela I just knew from the start this was where I wanted to have my winter wonderland wedding. Angela and the staff made all my dreams come true! From the beautiful winter decor, to the food, amazing staff, and my s'mores and mashed potato bar! My guests were raving for weeks after! The only thing my husband and I wanted was to be able to enjoy every minute of our day, and Angela made this happen. We got to enjoy our delicious entree's, dance the night away, take memorable photos, have our signature cocktails, and make magical memories. The River Club staff made all our wedding dreams to come true and I would highly recommend this venue to anyone who is looking for 5 star food, drinks, service, location, cleanliness, and overall look. I couldn't have asked for anything more and can't wait to go back!

Profile Picture Stephanie, 1/6/18, 1 Review
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue

I can't even believe our wedding night was real. It still feels like a dream!
Literally everything was 100% perfect. Every weather forecast we could find called for rain all night, but somehow the rain let up just enough that it was ALMOST nice enough to have the wedding outside. Angela quickly stepped in and got everyone out to their seats and we started the ceremony early.. and just in time! As I walked up the stairs, the sun came out and the rain stopped completely. It was literally the most amazing moment of my life!
Everything went completely smoothly from the ceremony to the reception. The wait staff was INCREDIBLE. Seg, who was our attendant for the night, was SO funny and SO helpful. We absolutely loved him! The bartenders were fantastic. Food was served so quickly and flawlessly. All of our vendors worked together harmoniously. It was honestly the best wedding I have ever been to (and I've been to well over 100... because I'm a wedding photographer!)
Angela and her team went above and beyond to make our wedding the best night of our lives. I wouldn't change a single thing! Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who made our night perfect!

Profile Picture Nicole, 5/26/17, 2 Reviews
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue

The River Club Pricing

Reception Site Fee
Site Fees Include:
Bridal Suite
Clean Up
Event Planning
Set Up
Wedding Catering Avg. Price Per Person
Catering Prices Include:
Cake Cutting
Bar Service Price Includes:
Champagne Toast
House Beer
House Liquor
House Wine
Limited Bar
Open Bar
Premium Liquor
Signature Drink
Specialty Beer
Specialty Wine

The River Club FAQ

Venue Highlights
Maximum Capacity
Guest Minimum
Event Spaces
Ballroom, Banquet Hall, Garden
Classic, Private, Vintage
Covered Outdoor, Indoor, Scenic Views, Uncovered Outdoor
Bridal Shower
Engagement Party
Rehearsal Dinner
Bridal Suite
Clean Up
Event Planning
In-House Bar
In-House Catering
Liability Insurance
Outside Vendors
Set Up
Wireless Internet
All Inclusive Packages
Event Rentals
Pet Friendly
Preferred Vendors Only
Cocktail Reception
Hors d'Oeuvres
Outside Cake
Family Style
French Service
Cash Bar
Champagne Toast
House Beer
House Liquor
House Wine
Limited Bar
Liquor License
Open Bar
Premium Liquor
Signature Drink
Specialty Beer
Specialty Wine
Outside Alcohol
Chocolate Fountain
Wheelchair Access

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1 Wedding Deal & Discount

1507132709 bcc71dbf60220a87 19665263 10158930615700254 1628279130072744571 n

December weddings 2018

$86.00 Value | Redeem In-Store
December Weddings for 2018 take 15% off of the food menu. No ceremony or room fee. Applies to new weddings only.
Offer Expires: 06/30/2018

Professional Network & Endorsements

What an incredible venue! The staff is incredibly helpful, the grounds are alway PICTURE perfect, and the interior is the perfect mix or classy and rustic with stunning lights running across the high ceilings and stunning wooden floors. Without a doubt the most beautiful venue on the South Shore!

The staff are very professional. The venue is beautiful. They will make sure you have the best day of your life. DJ Photo Booths highly recommends The River Club. www.facebook.com/djphotobooths

Wonderful staff and food, I have several weddings there this year !



78 Border street, Scituate, MA 02066   See On Map
781-545-1330 (phone)
The River Club is a wedding wedding venue from Scituate, Massachusetts servicing weddings throughout the local area, including South Shore, Massachusetts, Springfield, Massachusetts, and Plymouth, Massachusetts. The River Club is a professional elegant wedding venue that has been part of the Boston, Massachusetts wedding industry since 1972 specializing in outdoor wedding ceremonies, garden weddings, rustic weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, fundraisers, reunions, music venue and social events.